Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
”Let’s take that as __” ANO
”On the Road” narrator SALPARADISE
”One more thing . . .” ALSO
”Rubáiyát” poet OMAR
”__ complicated” ITS
Acted like APED
All gone from the plate EATEN
Altered song recording REMIX
As an alternative ELSE
Astronomer, frequently GAZER
Auction advisory ASIS
Auditions, for instance TESTS
Beast trained for riding SADDLEHORSE
Bedazzle AMAZE
Best or top OUTDO
Bewhiskered swimmer OTTER
Blow up ERUPT
Buffalo’s home PLAINS
Cable bill add-ons FEES
Compass reading NNE
County beside Manchester CHESHIRE
D sharp alias EFLAT
Devilish EVIL
Disc-shaped sweet OREO
Easily broken FRAGILE
Emergency signal FLARE
First to portray Obi-Wan ALEC
Flowing rock LAVA
Fussed over, with ”on” DOTED
George Ferris invention WHEEL
Greyhound’s destination DEPOT
Heckle RIB
Home heating source GAS
Into separate parts ASUNDER
iPod discontinued in 2017 NANO
Jete, in ballet LEAP
Magic incantation starter ABRA
Make thinner DILUTE
Metaphor like ”bag of tricks” ARSENAL
Milliners HATTERS
Myanmar neighbor LAOS
Name on the cover of ”Little Women” LOUISA
No longer trendy PASSE
North African LIBYAN
Not a fake REAL
Not talking SILENT
Odor detector NOSE
Part of 43 Across EAST
Pats gently DABS
Prefix for commuting TELE
Put forth, as effort EXERT
Range for some flutes ALTO
Reach the peak of flavor RIPEN
Reminder from Mom SAYPLEASE
Ride in Twain novels RAFT
Salaried player PRO
Sam Snead contemporary HOGAN
Sanctuary for spies SAFEHOUSE
Sly look LEER
Sports surprise UPSET
Steady fellow BEAU
Steaming IRATE
Stretch of time SPAN
Strong cravings LUSTS
Surmounting ATOP
Tulsa sch ORU
UK neighbor IRE
Uncool ones DWEEBS
Visibly awed AGAPE
Water conveyor PIPE
What ”encloses” the four longest answers SASE
What ”Ich bin ein” means IAMA
Within the rules LEGAL
__-tyme (quaint) OLDE