Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 17 2018

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Clues Answers
”. . . eye __” OFTHEBEHOLDER
”. . . __ iron bars a cage” NOR
”Ali,” for instance BIOPIC
”No way” UHUH
Aachen article DAS
About three light-years PARSEC
Actress Vardalos NIA
Adjective for some algae ONECELLED
Ali ring tactic ROPEADOPE
As one in second childhood DOTARDLY
Be off AIL
British ”bub” GUV
Bulletin board material CORK
Catches on to GETS
Celtic land ERIN
Clobbers CREAMS
Comics kid since the ’50s DENNIS
Comprise ARE
Contract’s effective period TERM
Crowe, in ”Les Misérables” JAVERT
Cub Scout leader AKELA
Delaware, in DC AVE
Embellish ORNAMENT
Eye, to Shelley ORB
Former foal YEARLING
Fortify BEEFUP
Gandalf of filmdom MCKELLEN
Glass in a lantern PANE
Golden bear of cartoons POOH
Guest of poetry EDGAR
Hamlet fortune metaphor ARROWS
Harry’s successor IKE
Hasn’t LACKS
Ink cartridge color CYAN
Intersection, for short JCT
Issuer of G’s and R’s MPAA
It serves Seoul food KOREANAIR
LG products LCDTVS
Lunches in layers BLTS
Moved like penguins WADDLED
NFL’s Cardinals, on scoreboards ARI
Noisy bike MOPED
Nonexistent NIL
One with a JD ATTY
Ordered courses MEAL
Out of patience FEDUP
Part of some potting soils PEAT
Passes (out) DOLES
Personal protector AMULET
Radar blip ECHO
Reason out DERIVE
Say more ADD
Sister of Marge Simpson SELMA
Skyscraper girder IBEAM
Sleekly designed AERO
Some AMA members GPS
Something to roll over IRA
The usual PAR
Thinking much of ESTEEMING
True-crime writer Rule ANN
Unvarnished outlook REALISM
USMC enforcers MPS
Usual NORM
Vague memory BLUR
Ventricle outlet AORTA
Verne hero FOGG
What philharmonics tune to OBOE
What Simon calls Garfunkel ARTIE
Winter sports venue RINK
Worked with wicker CANED