Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”Auto Pioneering” autobiographer OLDS
”Concentration”, essentially MEMORYTEST
”Fire” valuable OPAL
”Grande produzione musicale” OPERASERIA
”I’m impressed!” DAMN
”Parrot fashion” ROTE
”Tropical” treat in WWII rations HERSHEYBAR
”You deserved that” HEH
All modesty aside ARROGANTLY
Alternative to ”leo” in ”leotard” UNI
Barbed comments, say AMMO
Be indecisive HEM
Burst of excess JAG
Busy times RUSHES
Cause for some alerts SMOG
Choice words ANDOR
City near the Comstock Lode RENO
Color add-on ANT
Come out quickly BELCH
Come out slowly EXUDE
Common sushi ingredient LEMONJUICE
Conservation, to many CAUSE
Considerable inconvenience PAIN
Current or cushion preceder AIR
Development facilitator WOMB
Discomfit JAR
End of a rebellious idiom ETAT
Film advancer PLOT
Flat-bottomed vessels FRYINGPANS
Fourth in a moist mnemonic ERIE
Game with an ’80s heyday DONKEYKONG
General who cowrote ”A World Transformed” with George H.W BRENT
Groovy group of the ’60s? LPS
Hirers of dishwashers EATERIES
Its first logo had two feet and antennae TIVO
Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, by birth XERS
Knee-slappers RIOTS
Lam it BLOW
Let out BLURT
Make a crook out of FLEX
Mesa howler LOBO
Mixed-up game WORDJUMBLE
Mullah’s moolah, maybe RIALS
Narrow meeting place SEAM
Nostalgia trigger YORE
Notary, for instance ATTESTOR
Number for lithium THREE
One end of the first bullet-train route OSAKA
Patton, c. 1918 LTCOL
Pep talk directive BEHAPPY
Pep talk directive STAYSTRONG
Poster of ”please” signs MANAGEMENT
Princess whom John wrote for AIDA
Products of fermentation VINEGARS
Rather big breakaway BERG
Recall announcers, often EXECS
Recurring O’Keeffe subject CALLA
Salad-making aids GRATERS
Service call AMEN
Something tonged at a brunch buffet LINK
Spinning tray fillers CDS
Stabling mottling ROAN
The tennis US Open is played on it EDT
Tries to avoid a bump, perhaps VEERS
Try to stay unseen LURK
Use a fork on STAB
Vegas airport code LAS
Went quietly ROLLEDOVER
Without much of a break ALLTHETIME
__ Beach, CA (”Clam Capital of the World”) PISMO