– Aug 18 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”Ain’t so!” reply ISTOO
”Bye-bye!” TATA
”Come in here” door sign ENTER
”Filet” fish SOLE
”Game of Thrones” airer HBO
”Honest” president ABE
”Natural” home heating GAS
”Nothing” numbers ZEROS
”Sunday Night Baseball” channel ESPN
”__ the ramparts . . .” OER
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Airline to Israel ELAL
Assist in a crime ABET
Astronauts’ agency NASA
Barely passing grade DEE
Benches and chairs SEATS
Bovine remark MOO
Butcher’s wares MEATS
Carry a tune SING
Central idea THEME
Chauffeured cars, for short LIMOS
Chew like a squirrel GNAW
Childhood malady MUMPS
Comic strip bark ARF
Declares untrue DENIES
Doctor’s ”Right now!” STAT
Edible ice cream holder CONE
Entire amount TOTAL
Evicts OUSTS
Farmer’s place, in a kids’ song DELL
Fence of bushes HEDGE
Finest possible BEST
Flop of a film BOMB
Fork prong TINE
Full range GAMUT
Get comfy NESTLE
Getting little rain ARID
Golf peg TEE
Hairdo stiffener GEL
Icy glaze FROST
Kid around with JOSH
Land measure ACRE
Lauder of makeup ESTEE
Lost some traction SLID
Mercedes-__ BENZ
No longer edible STALE
Not moving INERT
Office seeker, for short POL
Open-palm hit SLAP
Pack very tightly JAMIN
Plant part underground ROOT
Platform for a play STAGE
Poe’s first name EDGAR
Poodles and parrots PETS
Prayer’s last word AMEN
Pressing device IRON
Profound DEEP
Pull over on a highway GETOFFTOTHESIDE
Rammed like a ram BUTTED
Reach a maximum depth SINKTOTHEBOTTOM
Reach a maximum height GORIGHTTOTHETOP
Repetitive learning ROTE
Sales agents, for short REPS
Santalike in weight OBESE
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Surrounded by AMID
T-shirt size SMALL
Teheran’s country IRAN
Thick slice SLAB
Thundery weather STORMS
Tip of an airplane NOSE
Used up, as funds SPENT
Vanish __ thin air INTO
Was acquainted with KNEW
Wild guess STAB
Without manners RUDE
Wolfed down ATEUP

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