Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 19 2018

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Clues Answers
”Can you help me with the parking meter?” GOTCHANGEFORAQUARTER
”Chicago” star GERE
”I’ll take that as __” ANO
”Please share the ideas with me” APENNYFORYOURTHOUGHTS
”Results count, nothing else” EXCUSESAREADIMEADOZEN
”Thanks for the payment, now talk” GOAHEADITSYOURNICKEL
”Without a discount, forget it” IAMNOTPAYINGTOPDOLLAR
”__ favor” (please, to Ruiz) POR
”__ that something!” ISNT
73 Across, in Germany ESSEN
Abundant source FOUNT
Afire LIT
All of the Seven Dwarfs MINERS
AOL alternative MSN
Appetite DESIRE
Argentina aunt TIA
Assist with the ropes EDUCATE
Assist with the ropes TRAIN
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Battlers of long standing SEXES
Being, in Bordeaux ETRE
Best-case IDEAL
Book after Job PSALMS
Breakfast fare OATMEAL
Brings upon oneself INCURS
Cabbage variety KALE
Change for a C-note TENS
Chicken __ (childhood ailment) POX
Chinese New Year parade regulars DRAGONS
Conductor from India MEHTA
Contractual details TERMS
Cook less than needed UNDERDO
Cousteau’s sea MER
Creative inspiration MUSE
Cry in Cologne ACH
Dasher’s driver SANTA
Dean’s list qualifier: Abbr GPA
Decides to start using ADOPTS
Designed for dune driving OFFROAD
Designer Claiborne LIZ
Dig deeply for answers PROBE
Dine on EAT
Director Lee ANG
Does nothing LAZES
Edison adversary TESLA
Everyday USUAL
Ex of Donald IVANA
Extreme cruelty SADISM
Fall into __ (get caught) ATRAP
Feeling of fury IRE
Fiji’s region OCEANIA
Fixed, as a boot SOLED
Flood barrier LEVEE
Floors it RACES
Floral necklace LEI
Gave up the ball PUNTED
Gossip collectors YENTAS
Got by somehow COPED
Grasp, as ice cubes TONG
Guys on a crew team OARSMEN
Hard to budge ORNERY
High-tech debut of 2007 IPHONE
Hosp. professionals RNS
Illumination measures LUXES
Imprecise quantity ANY
Innkeeper’s inventory ROOMS
Instigates FOMENTS
Instrument associated with Ireland HARP
Is exhibited, as a film PLAYS
Jamie Foxx’s Oscar film RAY
Japanese Winter Olympics city of 1972 SAPPORO
Kitty cats PUSSES
Language that gave us ”democracy” GREEK
Large liquid vessel VAT
Light-dawning remark AHYES
Litigate SUE
Loathsome one TOAD
Lower-left PC key CTRL
MacArthur, to his friends DOUG
Major muddle SNAFU
Mexican fast food TACOS
Mongrels CURS
More musty STALER
Nat __ (”America Inside Out” airer) GEO
Nation known for its nutmeg GRENADA
NFL team previously from St. Louis LARAMS
No-frills AUSTERE
Normandy port LEHAVRE
Novelist Deighton LEN
One less than” dos” UNO
One-sided contests ROUTS
Peanut product OIL
Poetic frequency OFT
Prayer pronoun THEE
Predatory dolphins ORCAS
Presidential nickname HONESTABE
Put something over on FOOL
Quarters for students DORM
Quebecer’s water EAU
Racetrack regulars BETTORS
Recital selection ARIETTA
Recital selections SOLI
Relinquished formally CEDED
Respect, in current slang PROPS
Rhineland region SAAR
Rich sponge cakes GATEAUS
S&L clients ACCTS
Salt Lake City athlete UTE
Sch. with a Providence campus URI
Sculpture done for the Parthenon FRIEZE
Seat of intuition, so to speak GUT
Shortwinded TERSE
Significant stretches ERAS
Slice (off) LOP
Some surrealist works DALIS
Sore spot ACHE
Sound-related SONIC
Starfleet’s Jean-__ Picard LUC
Swimming pools NATATORIA
Teaching temp SUB
The Bard’s Trojan prince TROILUS
Throat culture finding STREP
Told a joke QUIPPED
Topper HAT
Touch lightly KISS
Unconventional architect GEHRY
Unstructured LOOSE
Waited patiently STOODBY
Walk-__ (small roles) ONS
Wasn’t accurate ERRED
Water cooler ICE
West Point newcomer PLEBE
Where golfers begin TEE
Will with a way with words ROGERS
__ Beta Kappa PHI
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO
__ qua non SINE
__-day (vitamin dose, often) ONEA