Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 2 2018

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Clues Answers
”Don’t rush me!” INASEC
Acknowledged in an acceptance speech THANKED
Ale quantity PINT
Alpacas’ hangout ANDES
Ancient chocolate consumer AZTEC
Anxious state STEW
Appropriate for a palace ROYAL
Armor helmet openings SLITS
Bit of matter ATOM
Car-trip guessing game ISPY
Caricatured, say DRAWN
City east of San Diego YUMA
Clown accessory REDNOSE
Consumed or corroded ATE
Covered veranda LANAI
Croft of video games LARA
Designer Claiborne LIZ
Director Lee ANG
Does a farm chore MILKS
Extreme hostility IRE
Extremely sharp ACUTE
Factor in room rates VIEW
Farm structure PEN
Fed. intel group NSA
Fit together MESH
Flossing advocate: Abbr ADA
Footnote abbr ETAL
Greek dawn goddess EOS
Green-lighted OKD
Had an edge LED
Hazmat-monitoring agcy OSHA
Helen Mirren title DAME
Historic chapters ERAS
In disarray MESSY
Insignificant SMALL
Is, for two ARE
Jamaican music SKA
Japan’s second city OSAKA
Keyboarding rate, for short WPM
Clues Answers
Kid’s tender NANNY
McKellen of movies IAN
Model for Leonardo LISA
Money paid by motorists TOLLS
Much of junk mail ADS
Multi-paragraph test answer ESSAY
Music at some hockey games OCANADA
NFL gains YDS
Now under control TAMED
Parlor pic TAT
Part-Thoroughbred mount WALKINGHORSE
Plaintive-sounding bird MOURNINGDOVE
Predatory insect PRAYINGMANTIS
Qualify for EARN
Quick-wink link ASA
Rare baseball result TIEGAME
River of Pakistan INDUS
Sch. at Ames ISU
Six-legged marcher ANT
Sleep acronym REM
Smooth and lustrous SLEEK
Sons and daughters PROGENY
Sort of sausage WIENER
Spot for a stopover INN
Spotted African carnivore LAUGHINGHYENA
Starting on SINCE
Strong pulls YANKS
Suitable for little kids RATEDG
Supporter of the heavens ATLAS
Talk it up YAK
They’re often heard performing hymns ORGANS
Visit with SEE
What many an author assumes ALIAS
What you’re made of DNA
Where most Indians live ASIA
Window frame SASH
Winter Olympics competition SKIRACE
Zealousness plus MANIA
__ Majesty HER