Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 20 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Grab a seat” PARKIT
”He’s getting away!” STOPHIM
”Otello” evildoer IAGO
Actress Sedgwick KYRA
Acupuncturist’s employer SPA
Agreement details TERMS
Ancient Mexican AZTEC
Bahrain money DINAR
Barn dance sound [very loud] FOLKFIDDLING
Bit of beryllium ATOM
Candy to dispense with PEZ
Cola wars combatant PEPSI
Concert tour aide ROADIE
Conscience creation GUILT
Doctor’s order SAYAAH
Donna of the Clinton cabinet SHALALA
Dramatic denial IREFUSE
Fashion designer Sui ANNA
Find better words for EDIT
Freer alternative to a kennel DOGCAMP
Fresh talk SASS
Game with greens GOLF
Goodwill AMITY
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Heavy metal outfit ARMOR
Hesitate verbally HAW
Imposing story EPIC
Insert ADD
Key instrument in a Mozart opera [somewhat loud] MAGICFLUTE
Lackluster TAME
Mars’ 687 days YEAR
Mars, by another name ARES
Money mentioned in ”Les Miz” SOU
Most common navel INNIE
Much more than messy CHAOTIC
Nonstick cooking spray PAM
Obviously embarrassed RED
Off-the-cuff SNAP
Out-loud ORAL
Paces or phases STEPS
Part of a nest TWIG
Party freebies SWAG
Passed out DEALT
Personal exploit FEAT
Precise, tonally [very soft] PITCHPERFECT
Prego alternative RAGU
Put to the test TRY
Quaint complaint EGADS
Rather new Red Sea nation ERITREA
Saved, with ”away” LAID
See 15 Across ORDER
Sensory membrane EARDRUM
Shot out of bounds, perhaps OVERHIT
Shoulder band SASH
Show a preference (for) OPT
Shut up again RESEAL
Some furry friends PETCATS
Sorority letter KAPPA
Sported WORE
Stationery for composers [somewhat soft] MUSICPAPER
Summer cooler LIMEADE
Super-pleased GIDDY
Take off LEAVE
Taproom array ALES
Teapot part SPOUT
They’re thrown out at meetings IDEAS
Top off FILL
Trims, as rims EDGES
Turf in rolls SOD
Vegan’s gelatin substitute AGAR
Went first LED
What Apple tablets run on IOS
Where to find bullet points LISTS
With 16 Across, drive-thru transaction TOGO