Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 20 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
29 Down city OREM
Abrupt transition LEAP
Air India destination AGRA
Alternate title of the puzzle GDAY
Apollo adjective LUNAR
Apt name for a Mexican pet lizard IGGY
Bearded collie, for one SHAGGYDOG
Bovine that sounds groundbreaking GNU
Brick brand LEGO
Certain 100 cents EURO
Commission, for instance FEE
Confidant PAL
Daily highs and lows TEMPS
Decide what’s fair UMP
Deep dig of a sort PROBE
Designation for WWII’s ”Nelson” HMS
Director Kazan ELIA
Drew, in ”E.T.” GERTIE
Dryness comparison BONE
Ending for profit or puppet EER
Fall behind STRAGGLE
Far from form-fitting BAGGY
Fowl product of fable GOLDENEGG
Great time ERA
Hand raiser’s shout MEME
Harper Lee’s first name NELLE
Higher-up EXEC
It means ”soil” AGRO
It’s between Dallas and Austin WACO
Its quarters depict two locomotives UTAH
Landed ALIT
Literary work OPUS
Lively spirit ELAN
Metaphor for machinations WEBS
Mild oath of old GADZOOKS
Modern venting venue BLOG
Mysterious air AURA
Newsstand lineup MAGS
Not muddy CLEAR
One way to say ”OK” SURE
Online community service GOOGLEGROUPS
Organic air exchanger LUNG
Out on __ ALIMB
Pioneering pollster GEORGEGALLUP
Place for a gondola CANAL
Porch furniture GLIDERS
Possible partnership problem EGO
Poster project material OAKTAG
Pretense ACT
Rather small for a flash drive ONEGIG
Rigid bracelet BANGLE
Roll one’s eyes GOGGLE
Russian name meaning ”peace” IRINA
Small change DIME
Some PD personnel SGTS
Sounded like sonar PINGED
Start-of-year song ender SYNE
Store (away) SALT
Subsidiary math theorem LEMMA
Synge title guy PLAYBOY
Thruster’s holding EPEE
Tickled GLAD
Tiny pest GNAT
Tropical tree PALM
Undeluded about ONTO
Verbalized ORAL
Verne voyager FOGG
What organic food lacks GMOS
Where ”chocolate” comes from AZTEC
Where the Derby begins GATE
Where Vulcan worked AETNA
Willing GAME
Withhold DENY
Word on Hawaiian license plates ALOHA
Would have liked to take back RUED
Xander alternative ALEX