Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 21 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Forget it!” NAH
”M*A*S*H” beverage NEHI
”That’s amazing!” ZOWIE
’70s tot XER
A promise not to, with 2 Down ISWEAR
Agcy. catching smugglers DEA
Alamo attacker SANTAANNA
Any point on a line graph DATUM
Attempt, in headlines BID
Australia’s busiest airport SYD
Banquet vessel URN
Came to prominence AROSE
Certain authoritarian FASCIST
Chitchat GAB
Citric wood-polish ingredient ORANGEOIL
Computer font ARIAL
Creature often drawn wearing a mortarboard OWL
Cuddling CLOSE
Dullard LUNK
Evasive maneuver ZIG
Exactly how you see it ASIS
First speaker in ”The Wizard of Oz” LEO
Fluorine compound suffix IDE
Gather slowly GLEAN
GPS predecessor ROADATLAS
Have a small destination wedding ELOPE
Held in check ATBAY
It’s more than twice as tall as Vesuvius ETNA
Jazz __ Snowmass (June music event) ASPEN
Job at ”Aesthetica” magazine ARTCRITIC
Less important, informally LITE
Levy on liquor, e.g SINTAX
Long distance caller of fiction UFO
MLB stat RBI
More quick with quips WITTIER
More than care for LOVE
Muscular BEEFY
Name on the Saudi flag ALLAH
Nearly hairless THINONTOP
Part of an oak leaf LOBE
Percussion sticks CLAVES
Place for piers SHORE
Rather good grade BPLUS
Ream fraction QUIRE
Remained in effect STOOD
Rink jump AXEL
Rolls back EBBS
Routing no. of a sort EXT
Sandwiches or standbys SUBS
Scam victim DUPE
School for Captain Hook ETON
Scottish abbey isle IONA
Sea of troubles WOE
See 31 Across IWONT
Sell for COST
Seuss’ tree protector LORAX
Streisand title role YENTL
Sunny starter HELIO
Swaggering statements BRAGS
Symbol on the Israeli flag STAR
Take down verbally ABASE
Tarzan and peers APEMEN
Tokyo’s former name EDO
TV actors’ royalties RESIDUALS
TV dinner fare PEAS
Twitter’s 2013 event IPO
Whom Bates won an Oscar for confining CAAN
Word before a deadline UNTIL
Wrinkle reducer BOTOX
__ aerobics (watery workout) AQUA
__-garde AVANT