Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 21 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”Believe it or not . . .” STRANGELYENOUGH
”Fuller House” executive producer STAMOS
”Go ahead, it’s an __!” (beer slogan) ODOULS
”Mad” marginalia master ARAGONES
”Puh-leeze!” HAH
”The Air Up There” podcast purveyor FAA
”The hunger of a dragon is slow to wake, but hard to __”: Le Guin SATE
Afghans, for example HOUNDS
Apparently are SEEM
Attitudinal differences GAPS
Berth announcements ETAS
Blame takers GOATS
Cardmember activations ALERTS
Caused by DUETO
Character SORT
Circular seals ORINGS
Coconut/caramel cookies SAMOAS
Cord cutters SAWERS
Discommode IRK
Don’t lose it BECOOL
Elbows on the table PASTA
Ellington partner on a ’63 album COLTRANE
Exclamation not heard (alas) in ”Hamilton” BRR
First to publish blues music (1910s) WCHANDY
Folks, so to speak UNS
Former Grammy Album category SALSA
Fuel suffix ENE
Fully held VESTED
Game box info AGES
Guilt-free, as gummies NOCAL
Key WWII morale builder BBC
Le plus haut des Alpes BLANC
Literally, ”stealthy person” NINJA
Messing with TV credits DEBRA
More than trim SLASH
Not ruling out OPENTO
Not taken by ONTO
One’s luck HAP
Order out SEND
Order-out service UBEREATS
Overly attention-getting LURID
Persuasive salesperson HUCKSTER
Pistachio, say GREENISH
Place to hide LAIR
Player’s protest NOFAIR
Post-retirement acronym REM
Profiling facility DNALAB
Pulls off DOES
Redundant-sounding, rather new refreshment WATERMELONWATER
Represent for a bit ACTAS
Service agreement YESSIR
Spirit/spearmint concoction JULEP
Spring up LEAP
Stand-up’s seating STOOL
Steal all from CLEANOUT
Stock market sales CATTLE
Strike a blow HAMMER
Stuck in sci-fi, perhaps TYPECAST
Suite requiring a key CRYPTOSYSTEM
Take down NOTE
The Austrian __ (Schwarzenegger) OAK
Trouser material CHINO
Trouser material LEATHER
Unequivocal renouncement HECKNO
Uninspired NOTSOHOT
World’s wealthiest drummer STARR