Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 22 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Société d’__” (Canadian Crown corporation) ETAT
”The Chairside Instructor” publisher ADA
”The Mikado” setting TITIPU
”What is __?” ( page) CPR
’68 Corvette innovation TTOP
61 Across’ colder cousin TUNDRA
Alphabetic homophone ARE
Apply thickly SLABON
Approved mos. away from work LOA
Be an agent for SPEED
Beer barrel pokers of a century ago FEDS
Charge on the street RAP
Common campaign promises REFORMS
Contributor to some yogurts EWE
Daniel Radcliffe, in ”Victor Frankenstein” IGOR
Doesn’t play very well BOMBS
Exclamation of indignation INEVER
Felonious __ (evil Carell character) GRU
First name of ”Time”’s 2019 Person of the Year GRETA
First of all WINNERS
Found a home for SITED
Goldwyn never had a 24 Down of it MGM
Good-days interrupter OLE
Graph of diminishing returns SCURVE
Heady real estate investment ALE
Holy Roman Empire house HAPSBURG
Inapt outdoor sculptures PLOPART
Incomplete Wikipedia article STUB
It has a maharajah mascot AIRINDIA
It’s often found near ”Forbes” INC
King Ferdinand’s domain ARAGON
Many a Hubble sighting COMET, NEBULA
Metaphorical area of responsibility LAP
Nurse a grasshopper SIP
Open to the public UNVEIL
Oven advisory BEEP
Owner of a huge news photo archive UPI
Pac-Man display MAZE
Pilgrim’s destination STPETERS
Pointy poker AWL
Portrait canvas of a sort OILPAPER
Portrait on a 1981 25-pence coin LADYDI
Prairie, technically STEPPE
Realistic and natural TRUELIFE
Red __ HOTS
Regular Iditarod racer MALAMUTE
Saltless, as pretzels BALD
Santa Fe souvenir SERAPE
Saturn’s decaying concern DISSOLUTION
Saturn’s growing concern AGRICULTURE
Script doctor’s function REWRITER
Share CUT
Show of satisfaction NOD
Signature on 1990s Benjamins RUBIN
Single-minded INTENT
Skyscraper supplier OTIS
Something thrown sidearm DISCUS
The first blond lager PILSNER
Topographical depression RAVINE
Toughed (out) BRAZENED
Two of Saturn’s ”solar system” kids CERESANDNEPTUNE, PLUTOANDJUPITER
Useful acquaintances INS
Wallpaper design MOTIF
Where Dr. Salk studied NYU
With compliments GRATIS
Word from the Latin for ”goddess” DIVA
Zest PEP
Zestful AVID
Zestful energy JUICE