– Aug 23 2018

Clues Answers
”Hamlet” quintet ACTS
”My Fair Lady” lady ELIZA
”Olympia” artist MANET
”Right __ way . . .” THIS
”Westworld” airer HBO
200 milligrams of rubies CARAT
5 Across’ doings EVIL
Age-old battlers SEXES
Avian symbol of Australia EMU
Barbershop bottle TONIC
Caroling season YULE
Carson City neighbor RENO
Century 21 rival REMAX
Chilling ONICE
Comedy genre STANDUP
Contents of some shakers IODIZEDSALT
Count of gym crunches REPS
Day on the Roman calendar IDES
Diviners’ cards TAROTS
Draw upon TAPINTO
E-mail folder SENT
Early event in presidential races IOWACAUCUS
Fallen angel SATAN
Frat letter ETA
Granny NANA
Hamlet, for one DANE
Have much influence on SHAPE
Have yet to pay OWE
Hill builder ANT
Holding a grudge SORE
Home for Kit Carson TAOS
Hoodlum GOON
In the thick of AMID
Interior appointments DECOR
It means ”male” ANDRO
Justice who succeeded O’Connor ALITO
Kayaking implement OAR
Kit Kat bar competitor TWIX
Ladled entree STEW
Leave floored AWE
Letters on Forever stamps USA
Limburger’s claim to fame AROMA
Lose traction SKID
Made a basket, say WOVE
Meditation on a mat YOGA
Minimal rain DROP
More fastidious NEATER
Nutmeg spice MACE
One-eighty UTURN
Ophthalmological focus EYES
Opposed to, nonstandardly AGIN
Part of UAE ARAB
Pick up aurally HEAR
Picks up on NOTICES
Piper product PLANE
Polite interruption AHEM
Prankster’s weapon WATERGUN
Prismatic displays SPECTRA
Recyclable technology EWASTE
River near the Leaning Tower ARNO
Rock that sounds swell GNEISS
Rolling __ (prosperous) INIT
Run through, as a debit card SWIPE
Schilling successor EURO
Sean Lennon’s mom ONO
Shakespearean teen ROMEO
Something played by puzzlers WORDGAME
SpaceX collaborator NASA
Spanish avenue PASEO
Spot markers EXES
Symbol for a proton HYDROGENION
Team’s triumphant cry WEWON
Took sudden notice SATUP
Tropical nut KOLA
Turn to pulp MASH
World Court city, with ”The” HAGUE
Zillions ALOT

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