– Aug 23 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”Glad you could make it!” THANKSFORCOMING
”Hope you’ll return soon!” DONTBEASTRANGER
”Look what I did!” TADA
”See you next time!” TILLWEMEETAGAIN
”Shoo!” SCAT
”So long!” TATA
”That makes sense” ISEE
Actress Moreno or Hayworth RITA
Adam’s first home EDEN
Approach quickly RUNTO
Being broadcast ONTV
Capital of Egypt CAIRO
Car with a meter TAXI
Ceramics or basketry CRAFT
Cities with piers PORTS
Confuse ADDLE
Does not exist ISNT
Donated temporarily LENT
Dot-__ (Internet business) COM
Easy-to-swallow tablet GELCAP
Egg-and-cheese breakfast OMELET
Employee WORKER
Eve’s second son ABEL
Evergreen tree FIR
Feeling edgy TENSE
Feeling of hunger PANG
Flower with thorns ROSE
Freight weights TONS
General vicinity AREA
Gives a speech ORATES
Go to a new home MOVE
Golfer’s pegs TEES
Group being taught CLASS
Group of hatchlings BROOD
Handed-down history LORE
Has the opinion FEELS
Have some food EAT
Head-congestion locale SINUS
Hill-building insects ANTS
Horse in battle STEED
Informal refusal NOPE
Initial poker payment ANTE
Inspirational slogans MOTTOS
Jump heavily (on) STOMP
Laze around LOLL
Locomotive sound CHUG
Magazine executives: Abbr EDS
Music with singing sopranos OPERA
Nickname for Ireland ERIN
Nile snake ASP
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Out of bed ASTIR
Plow-pulling bovines OXEN
Rail-riding wanderer HOBO
Rant and __ (show anger) RAVE
Remove creases from IRON
Rung of a ladder STEP
Scoundrel LOUSE
Send off payment REMIT
Shakespeare’s ”The Taming of the __” SHREW
Shorthand expert STENO
Single-minded expert NERD
Smartphone program, for short APP
Soak up like a sponge ABSORB
Sound of a leaky faucet DRIP
State of nervousness ANGST
Tilt to one side LEAN
Twangy-voiced NASAL
Underneath BELOW
Walk inside ENTER
Weasel-like animal SABLE
Well-mannered guy GENT
Wicked EVIL
__ Grey tea EARL
__ of measure (gallon or mile) UNIT
__ out (unsubscribes) OPTS
__-browned potatoes HASH
__-friendly software USER

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