Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 24 2018

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Clues Answers
”Bummer!” AWGEE
”Can’t __ just get along?” WEALL
”__ move” YOUR
120-balloon fleet owner REMAX
43rd st IDA
Academic journal reviewer PEER
Adapt for GEARTO
African antelope ELAND
Backing FOR
Ballet score by 54/60 Across FANCYFREE
Black Sea port ODESSA
Brazenness by the barrel NERVE
Bumbler OAF
Can’t abide HATE
Cathedral gift shop items ROSARIES
Certain hosp. physician ERDOC
City west of Daytona Beach OCALA
Click on stage TOETAP
Comic actor __ Baron Cohen SACHA
Common meadow bird LARK
Compose, for example CREATE
Cover, as a library card LAMINATE
Custodian STEWARD
Cutting-edge NEW
D.C.-based economic agcy IMF
Dairy case display YOGURT
Debone FILET
Depict improperly SKEW
Don’t forbid LET
Early spring financial-section advice TAXTIP
Earnest promises OATHS
Environs AREA
Exculpatory stories ALIBIS
Farm cart DRAY
Fashion finish ISTA
Friend-friend connection OFA
Hardly any AFEW
Hides out LIESLOW
Immune system agents TCELLS
Inflict WREAK
Keen on INTO
Kitchen descriptor EATIN
Leg of a tour STOP
Legal advice, perhaps SUE
Likelihood stats ODDS
Managed LED
Most far-ranging WIDEST
Musical score by 54/60 Across WESTSIDESTORY
Natural instincts URGES
Not nervous COOL
Oil company, in Wall Street slang PETE
Operetta score by 54/60 Across CANDIDE
Paella morsel PEA
Pause that refreshes NAP
Purple hue MAGENTA
Religious grp DENOM
Restless feeling ITCH
School administrator’s deg EDD
Scottish Giovanni IAN
See 54 Across BERNSTEIN
Shaw’s ”magic mirror” ART
Some PD officers LTS
Some solid blocks ICE
Spotted scavengers HYENAS
Swamplike MIRY
Swipe COP
Tabloid topic SCANDAL
Talk Like a Pirate Day phrase YOHO
Test period TRIAL
Trio of Russians ESSES
Vexatious ones PESTS
Wearisome TIRING
What Franklin may not have flown KITE
With 60 Across, composer born August 25, 1918 LEONARD