Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Covered” pioneer vehicle WAGON
”If not . . .” OTHERWISE
”__ difference does it make?” WHAT
”__ Off to See the Wizard” WERE
Actress Winslet or Mulgrew KATE
Any competitive squad TEAM
Armed conflicts WARS
Be in debt OWE
Breaking stories NEWS
Brother or sister, for short SIB
Clenched hand FIST
Corridors HALLS
Course of mixed greens SALAD
Crossword clue heading ACROSS
Cruise vessel with a theater SHOWBOAT
Destinations for ambulances: Abbr ERS
Doozy LULU
Dreamy powder from outer space STARDUST
Dry, as desert climates ARID
Enjoy a book READ
Evening for streaming a film MOVIENIGHT
Finger jewelry RING
Flag holder POLE
Flat grasslands PLAINS
Fleming who created James Bond IAN
Float, as an aroma WAFT
Flower stalk STEM
Fly traps in attics WEBS
Forty thieves opponent __ Baba ALI
Furnish with gear EQUIP
Groups of 12 DOZENS
Hour after midnight ONE
Initial stage ONSET
Is drained of color PALES
Mailed off SENT
Measures of farm size ACRES
Move like a river FLOW
Numbered road: Abbr RTE
Operatic solo ARIA
Opinion pieces ESSAYS
Paths of satellites ORBITS
Poisonous substances TOXINS
Quarterback, when throwing the ball PASSER
Red gemstone RUBY
Royal decrees EDICTS
Rubbing of soles and toes FOOTMASSAGE
Smart __ (wisecrackers) ALECS
Some Cabernet or Chardonnay GLASSOFWINE
Spaces between teeth GAPS
Spanish cheer OLE
Spiritual glow AURA
Stage production PLAY
Stare at OGLE
State confidently AVOW
Sudsy soak in the tub BUBBLEBATH
Sunset direction WEST
Superhero that spins 1 Down SPIDERMAN
Superlative suffix EST
Take a break REST
Takeoff-hour guesses: Abbr ETDS
Tennis court dividers NETS
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Typical Jordanian ARAB
Undersea vessels, for short SUBS
Unknown author: Abbr ANON
Urban green space PARK
Utter out loud SAY
Very rich cake TORTE
Vicinity AREA
Watery blue hue AQUA
Weep loudly SOB
Wheel-connecting rod AXLE
Worry (over) FRET
__ and cons PROS
__ Dane (large dog) GREAT
__-at-ease (nervous) ILL