Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 25 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Do tomorrow” strategy PROCRASTINATION
”Don’t mind __ do!” IFI
”Don’t rub __” ITIN
”This __ sudden!” ISSO
”__ hesitates is lost” HEWHO
”__ you listening?” ARE
A rescheduling for later POSTPONEMENT
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Apartment sharer, slangily ROOMIE
Arrange for in advance PLAN
Ballroom dance in three-quarter time WALTZ
Basketball player, informally HOOPSTER
Brand of toy bricks LEGO
Cloth scrap RAG
Commits robbery STEALS
Cooler than hot WARM
Covert activities, for short OPS
Cruise stop ISLE
Crunchy potato snack CHIP
Delaying a decision PUTTINGITOFF
Des Moines’ state IOWA
Dutch wax-coated cheese EDAM
Enemies FOES
Fights off REPELS
Filmmaker Brooks MEL
First guy in the Bible ADAM
Floating aimlessly at sea ADRIFT
Frames of eyeglasses RIMS
From Austin or Boston AMERICAN
Grown-up boy MAN
Gun, as an engine REV
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Impose, as a tax LEVY
Initial stage ONSET
Joke-telling entertainer COMEDIAN
Lake boat CANOE
Last Supper attendees APOSTLES
Look bad when worn together CLASH
Mail-drop opening SLOT
Measures of gem weight CARATS
Milky-colored gemstone OPAL
Neck of the woods AREA
New England fish COD
Orangutan, for one APE
Otherwise ELSE
People who snooze DOZERS
Pet protection org SPCA
Photographed SHOT
Prefix for sense NON
Pull back in fear RECOIL
Qualify for MERIT
Rainbow shapes ARCS
Rower’s blade OAR
Rung of a ladder STEP
Say no to DENY
Scottish girl LASS
Secret agent SPY
See 51 Down TALE
Service charges FEES
Sleep in a tent CAMP
Small bed size TWIN
Spread on, as makeup APPLY
Spring month MAY
Sweet, as a farewell FOND
Tilts slightly SLANTS
Tiny bits IOTAS
Traditional Arctic home IGLOO
Uncool people NERDS
Uproar TODO
Vein of ore LODE
Winter bug FLU
With 53 Down, improbable story TALL
Without a companion ALONE
Women’s calf-length pants CAPRIS
Worship ADORE
__ about (approximately) ONOR
__ rate (nevertheless) ATANY
__ State (New York’s nickname) EMPIRE