Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 25 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”Today” cohost Kotb HODA
”__ welcome” YOURE
A little, in a music score POCO
All the time ALOT
Arduous hikes TREKS
Ark’s landing spot ARARAT
Boot-shaped country ITALY
Bowling lane button RESET
Brief letter NOTE
Campus courtyard QUAD
Carryall bag TOTE
Celestial bear URSA
Chapel walkway AISLE
Chapter of history ERA
Chief exec PREZ
Clenched hand FIST
Comes down in a blizzard SNOWS
Conversely VICEVERSA
Crouch down SQUAT
Cuban dance RUMBA
Dazzle AMAZE
Decant POUR
Decide not to retire STAYON
Divided Asian peninsula KOREA
Don’t play fair CHEAT
E pluribus __ UNUM
Engine supercharger TURBO
Enjoy today CARPEDIEM
Entice LURE
Equitable exchange QUIDPROQUO
First course in a tureen SOUP
Follower: Suffix IST
Fortune-teller ORACLE
Frankenstein’s assistant IGOR
Glances through SKIMS
Headquarters BASE
Health, security, etc WELFARE
Hertz rival AVIS
Identical SAME
In a competent way ABLY
In __ (harmonious) SYNC
Lexus rival ACURA
Madrid’s land, to natives ESPANA
Meal for swine SLOP
Monumental tale EPIC
Most congenial NICEST
Natural skin soother ALOE
Not taken in by ONTO
Pal of Roo and Eeyore POOH
Phone directory listings NAMES
Place in danger RISK
Play’s beginning ACTI
Pot pie morsel PEA
Promote vigorously HYPE
Ready to harvest RIPE
Recorder on a windshield DASHCAM
Resort with saunas SPA
Roseanne of comedy BARR
Santa __, CA ANA
Ships’ distress signals MAYDAYS
Showery mo APR
Slacken off EASE
Societal standards NORMS
Solid ground TERRAFIRMA
Southern Arizona city YUMA
Speed contest RACE
Spoken aloud ORAL
Sudden surge ONRUSH
Swelled heads EGOS
Tape recording editor SPLICER
Utter SAY
Washroom, for short LAV
What shoes have but sandals don’t TOES
Wild guess STAB
Winter sports sticks SKIS
__ over (topple) KEEL
__-addressed stamped envelope SELF