Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”I’m freezing!” BRR
”It wasn’t me!” NOTI
Aladdin’s wish-granting pal GENIE
All set READY
And others: Abbr ETAL
Assistants AIDES
Attach, as a building wing ADDON
Bar Association member LAWYER
Brought up to be respectful WELLBRED
Circus performer launcher CANNON
Climbs, as the temperature RISES
Coat-of-arms emblems CRESTS
Coconut tree PALM
Coll. transcript stat GPA
Concert’s bonus song ENCORE
Contest for cowboys RODEO
CPR experts: Abbr EMTS
De-wrinkling appliance IRON
Desert stopping places OASES
Donkey ASS
Drooped SAGGED
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Ernie’s ”Sesame Street” roommate BERT
Fence entryway GATE
Flag maker Betsy ROSS
Flavor-enhancer-avoiding restaurant request NOMSG
Fourth month of the yr APR
Fresh-mouthed SASSY
Garden of Eden guy ADAM
In the know AWARE
Intelligent SMART
Is boastful BRAGS
It may be ”bended” during a 38 Across KNEE
It’s often presented during a 38 Across ENGAGEMENTRING
King Kong and his family APES
Lasso ROPE
Lions’ lairs DENS
Made a cut through wood SAWED
Manner of walking GAIT
Material inserted into a printer PAPER
Merit badge earner SCOUT
Muddy ground MIRE
Not moving INERT
Nothing more than MERE
Nothing, in Mexico NADA
Noticed SEEN
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
One walking through water WADER
Operatic solo ARIA
Oscar or Emmy AWARD
Physicians’ org AMA
Poem of praise ODE
Question ”popped” to a girlfriend WILLYOUMARRYME
Racetrack shape OVAL
Rock in a mine ORE
Rocket-launching agcy NASA
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Scratch up MAR
Seasons, as popcorn or peanuts SALTS
Slice of cake or pizza PIECE
Soldier’s respectful reply YESSIR
Sports cable channel ESPN
St. Paul’s state: Abbr MINN
Team __ (good morale) SPIRIT
The major river through Egypt NILE
Thin in supply SPARSE
Threesome TRIO
University sports org NCAA
Valentine sentiment LOVE
What a blizzard is made of SNOW
Whole bunch SLEW
Wintry, as weather COLD
Writing tablet PAD
Young stallion COLT
__ mind (single-topic preoccupation) ONETRACK