Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 27 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Family Feud” encouragement GOODANSWER
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
”Yikes!” UHOH
”__ case of emergency” USEIN
’60s singing superstar BEATLE
1914, for Babe Ruth ROOKIEYEAR
Add value to ENRICH
Alias introducer AKA
Amount ended up with NET
Any time now SOON
Aquatic mammal SEAL
Atom with a charge ION
Back your hand BET
Be a proof of tenacity TESTONESMETTLE
Common makeup removers TISSUES
Compulsion URGE
Cookbook amts TSPS
Court reporter STENO
Decide to participate GOIN
Deck topper ACE
Director’s ”Done!” THATSAWRAP
Do a summer job ADD
Drop like __ potato AHOT
Dubliners, for instance IRISH
Fishing line holder REEL
Former Mach 2 flier SST
Four lower than a 23 Across TEN
Gave something a go TRIEDIT
Grab a bite EAT
Grasp mentally SEE
Hard to explain ODD
He assists on a Lido Deck POOLBOY
It’s above the ankle SHIN
Lack of vitality ANEMIA
Leisurely life EASE
Low grade DEE
Manage somehow, with ”out” EKE
Map measure MILE
Maximally THEMOST
Mechanical learning ROTE
Med. coverage options HMOS
Mexican marinade ADOBO
Motel 6 alternative DAYSINN
Much of a typewriter KEYS
Nonspecific GENERAL
Not exactly SORTOF
Not much ABIT
Occupy, as a desk SITAT
Of another sort ELSE
One at the gym REP
Owner with no partner SOLEPROPRIETOR
Paper with a promise IOU
Pop singer Del Rey LANA
Prefix for while ERST
Purina sister brand ALPO
Quick swim DIP
River at Pittsburgh OHIO
Sadat of Egypt ANWAR
Seed of some legumes BEAN
Seoul-based automaker KIA
Snoop group CIA
Snorkeling spots CORALREEFS
Solemn assent IDO
Sound of disapproval HISS
Squanders WASTES
State with the highest average household size UTAH
They cool off quickly FADS
Thurman of films UMA
TV role for Miley HANNAH
Vague uneasiness MALAISE
Very sharp, as a TV show INHD
What many Edwards are called TED
What the Inuit were once called ESKIMOS
Without fail FORSURE
Yale student ELI