Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
”Chopped” cracker spread LIVER
”Hot” Mexican food TAMALE
”In God We Trust,” for the United States MOTTO
”Let me assist you” ICANHELP
”Me, myself, __” ANDI
”Moving right __ . . .” ALONG
”Rear-view” viewer MIRROR
”Wish you __ here” WERE
”You’re wrong!” ITISNTSO
”__ the season . . .” TIS
44th president OBAMA
Academy Awards OSCARS
Agent 007 BOND
Any carbonated drink SODA
At the moment NOW
Building wing ANNEX
Carry with difficulty HAUL
Carryall TOTE
Circle segments ARCS
Clothing, informally TOGS
Coffee/hot milk concoction LATTE
Con jobs SCAMS
Concludes ENDS
Convertibles and coupes AUTOS
Deception SHAM
Egg on GOAD
Ewe’s offspring LAMB
Explosive letters TNT
Fell underwater SANK
Foal’s mother MARE
Fowl to cook in the oven ROASTINGCHICKEN
Fuel obtained from mines COAL
German car AUDI
Give a recap of SUMUP
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Halifax, __ Scotia NOVA
Hammer or saw TOOL
Hand out cards DEAL
Hive dweller BEE
Humdinger LULU
Ill-mannered CRASS
Initial poker payment ANTE
Jeweler’s weight measure CARAT
Largest Greek island CRETE
Last word of a hymn AMEN
Like __ of bricks ATON
Marry on the run ELOPE
Metal in dumbbells IRON
Minuscule TINY
Nickname for Mom’s mom NANA
Numbers considered by bettors ODDS
Of unknown authorship: Abbr ANON
Oil cartel OPEC
Peruse READ
Pieces of luggage BAGS
Prefix for angle TRI
Putting on __ (being snobbish) AIRS
Razor insert BLADE
Reducing to its essentials BOILINGDOWN
Restaurant entrée MAINDISH
Rower’s implement OAR
Self-esteem enhancer EGOBOOST
Serenity PEACE
Shines softly GLOWS
Shrub that spoke to Moses BURNINGBUSH
Slow-moving creature in a shell SNAIL
Soothing lotion ingredient ALOE
Sound-off remote button MUTE
Suitable for a formal dinner DRESSY
Toe, to a tot PIGGY
Transgressions SINS
Two aces or jacks PAIR
Untruth LIE
Watchdog’s warning GRR
With no clouds during the day SUNNY