Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 28 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Better luck next time!” CANTWINEMALL
”Black-eyed” legume COWPEA
”Doggone it!” OHRATS
”Doubtful” IBET
”Frasier” brother NILES
”Hamlet”’s conclusion ACTV
”Hunger Games” emcee portrayer TUCCI
”The View” airer ABCTV
A/C measure BTU
Abdul-Jabbar went there UCLA
Accumulation at a bank SILT
Affected in some way ACTEDUPON
Alley assignment LANE
And yet, briefly ALTHO
At least a dozen Mozart works OPERAS
Bass, for example FISH
Be a contender VIE
Becomes balanced EVENSOUT
Belief, in brief CREDO
Bird-feeder food SUET
Boar or buck MALE
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
Cartel that includes 5 Across OPEC
Certain Winter Olympian SKIJUMPER
CFO’s degree, often MBA
Choir stand RISER
Contents of some cartridges INKS
Course designer CHEF
Doesn’t take a stand? SITS
Earth-breaking tool HOE
Element in atomic clocks CESIUM
End of a bridal path ALTAR
Ending like -ling LET
Flying auto, in a film SPECIALEFFECT
Footnote abbr IBID
Good guy HERO
Half a hyphenated beverage brand COCA
Heads or tails NOUN
Incantation starter ABRA
Invalidates ANNULS
It may be a revolver DOOR
It’s no one else’s business PRIVATEAFFAIR
Left on a map WEST
Melodrama turndown NONONEVER
More than distracted INATRANCE
Movie night seating SOFA
Nation on the Indian Ocean IRAN
NBC series with nearly 900 episodes SNL
News show’s scrolling graphic TICKER
Occupational ending ISTA
Ore-__ IDA
Percentage offering TITHE
Possible request at a wedding SAVEMEADANCE
Pot starter ANTE
Prefix for fall PRAT
Rattler relative ASP
Road near the Rhine BAHN
Shout at a pest SHOO
Shout at a pest SCAT
Single-serve coffee product KCUP
Soft ball maker NERF
Some pears ANJOUS
Sound from the shivering BRRR
Texas fly catcher ASTRO
The King Midget of the ’50s and ’60s MICROCAR
United WED
Washington’s Constitution AVENUE
Whodunit stock character THEDA
__ de parfum EAU
__ la la TRA
__-ovo vegetarian LACTO