Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 29 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
‘Al __ del Eden” (”novela de” 1952) ESTE
”I’m movin’ on” GOTTAGO
Acolytes, ultimately ISTS
Approaches a runway too fast COMESINHOT
Big company taken over by Twitter ITT
Bits seen on screens LINT
Cargo net attachments, often BUNGEECORDS
Close observation stations ICUS
Common etymology abbr GER
Complex and subtle NUANCED
Constrain OBLIGE
Copy righting ERRATA
Creators of story lines ARCHITECTS
Daily riser TIDE
Denial in ”Hamlet” NOTI
Disney’s Toontown patsy ROGERRABBIT
Embroidery sample SEWOUT
Evince excitement SALIVATE
ezTalks communications IMS
Ferocious problem-solvers TIGERTEAMS
Gourmet creations with avocado aioli BLTS
Grandsire of Man o’ War SEABISCUIT
Grazer descriptor OVINE
Green-haired Lincoln or Washington CHIAPET
Horsefeathers ROT
Hot stuff RAGE
In style NOW
Inopportunely ATABADTIME
It can mean ”around” AMBI
Jet Age victims OCEANLINERS
Juice (up) AMP
Live __ WIRE
Many Oktoberfest deliveries LIBRAS
Measure AARP has long supported ACA
Melodic-sounding dramatist SYNGE
Name on Netflix & Chilll’d pints BEN
Noncompete cause BYE
Old Testament epistle citing Abraham and Moses HEBREWS
OPEC member since 1967 UAE
Opinion introducer ISAY
Parliamentary divides AISLES
Part of maple and sycamore leaves LOBE
Photo archive element NEG
Pipes specialist ENT
Pliny’s ”enemy of mankind” NERO
Pushkin’s dueling hero ONEGIN
Put down ALIT
Qualify VET
Queen Victoria learned it from an Indian Muslim URDU
Ralph Nader, ethnically ARAB
Rent-free UNTORN
Reshaped, in a way BENT
Rough figure OGRE
Secure WIN
Something often penciled in BROW
Sometime-seating for Scouts LOGS
Star clusters ALISTS
The high-flying Global Hawk SPYPLANE
Took the loss ATEIT
Transit terminal IVE
US invasion destination of 1812 ONT
Villain in numerous fairy tales STEPPARENT
Vowelless Scrabble play TSK
Welles’ ”War of the Worlds” landing site GROVERSMILL
What snakes can have hundreds of RIBS
What some Brits called Paine TOMMY
What Thoreau saw harvested from Walden Pond ICE
Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award presenter CMA
Winter cover crop for gardens RYE
Working in the office ATONESDESK
Zachary Taylor/Santa Anna battle BUENAVISTA
__ mgr ASST