Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 3 2018

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Clues Answers
”Absolutamente!” SISI
”Fast Money” airer CNBC
”Gladiator” setting ARENA
”Grapes of Wrath” character HOBO
”Peter Pan” pooch NANA
”That will be quite enough!” COOLIT
”That Yankee Doodle boy” COHAN
Accumulate RACKUP
App testing stage BETA
Authoritative orders FIATS
Big name in juvenile book collecting ALGER
Biggest nation in ”América do Sul” BRASIL
Biggest section in dictionaries ESS
Brunch station order HAMOMELET
Bullet point, e.g ITEM
Camp show organizer USO
Casting director category TYPE
Channel with paranormal programming SYFY
Class cutup CLOWN
Clubhouse facilities GYMS
Cutting edge improver STROP
Dagger grips HILTS
Descriptor for dolphins AQUATIC
Destination of a southern Finland ferry ESTONIA
Drapery fabric TOILE
East Asian shrine PAGODA
End of sentiment LOVEBYCHOICE
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Extend outward JUT
Fashion fold CUFF
Fluctuate greatly YOYO
Henry II in ”The Lion in Winter” OTOOLE
Hotel lobby convenience ATM
Ingrid, in ”Casablanca” ILSA
Ink cartridge color CYAN
Irascible SURLY
Is over ENDS
Isabella’s ”is” ESTA
Clues Answers
Isn’t a 50 Across LASTS
Large collections BEVIES
Lee of the Shakers ANN
Manhattan Project VIP FERMI
Measure of inflation: Abbr PSI
Misspeak, say ERR
Name associated with ties STEVEN
Name related to Bill LIAM
Nuts-and-bolts accessories WASHERS
Ocean State sch URI
One for the road CAR
Part 2 of sentiment BYCHANCE
Part 3 of sentiment WESTAYIN
Part of many trade group names: Abbr NATL
Quid pro __ QUO
Rain-63 Across link NOR
Range of understanding KEN
Really long time MILLENNIA
Restricted urban way BUSLANE
Roadster from Japan MIATA
Seasonal fall SLEET
See-through sheet PANE
Send packing EJECT
Shape of an instep ARCH
Small terrors IMPS
Some limited-edition art PRINTS
Something hot for a short time FAD
Spirit of myth GENIE
Start of a sentiment WEFALLINLOVE
Start of an apology MEA
Supermodel from Somalia IMAN
Take the lid off UNCAP
Terrarium plant FERN
Tree of Knowledge locale EDEN
TV ad with Smokey Bear PSA
Virtual industry ETAIL
What’s beside an end seat AISLE
With skill ABLY