– Aug 3 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”Delicious!” YUM
”Hey you!” whisper PSST
”If all __ fails . . .” ELSE
”If only . . .” IWISH
”Now!” letters in a memo ASAP
”__ was saying . . .” ASI
A smaller amount LESS
Abbreviation for a big company INC
Actor Nick NOLTE
Apple throwaway CORE
Apt rhyme for ”whirl” SWIRL
Become frosty ICEUP
Boy in the family SON
Cargo weight measure TON
Clothing retailer Bauer EDDIE
College housing DORM
Comfy COZY
Community-wide resistance to infection HERDIMMUNITY
Crush, as potatoes MASH
Despise LOATHE
E. Lansing school MSU
Egyptian snake ASP
Employ towards USEON
Envelope routing abbr ATTN
Explosive initials TNT
Family room DEN
Female choir voice ALTO
Foot-stamping Spanish dance FLAMENCO
Fourth-down play PUNT
From the largest continent ASIAN
Golfer’s pegs TEES
Had supper at home ATEIN
Harvest-ready RIPE
Hurricane center EYE
Infant’s garment ONESIE
Is unable to CANT
Italian farewell CIAO
Italian wine region ASTI
Jet-black INKY
Management of large groups CROWDCONTROL
March 17 honoree, for short STPAT
Marshy arm of a river BAYOU
Neck of the woods AREA
Nonsense, informally HOOEY
Not quite right AMISS
Now drained of color PALE
Parkas’ head coverings HOODS
Police officers COPS
Protective atmospheric layer OZONE
Public school support orgs PTAS
Really angry IRATE
Repetitive shout CHANT
Restore to happiness CHEERUP
Revered star IDOL
Rinsing with a tube HOSING
Savings protection agcy FDIC
Secluded valleys GLENS
Secret writing CODE
Seize by force USURP
Sleep in a tent CAMP
Steaming bowl of chicken noodle HOTSOUP
Street’s accesses to sewer systems MANHOLES
Suffix for proverb or potent IAL
Tenth of a 68 Across PENNY
Tenth of a dollar DIME
Three on a sundial III
Tic-tac-toe winner OOO
Took care of SAWTO
Trembled SHOOK
Ultra-manly MACHO
Unblinking look STARE
Unopened blossom BUD
Use of a product by many people MASSCONSUMPTION
Visitor from another planet ALIEN
Wyoming and Washington STATES
__ fish sandwich TUNA
__ Ness monster LOCH
__-mo replay SLO

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