Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 31 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”A mouse!” EEK
Aromas ODORS
Artist Salvador __ DALI
Belonging to us OUR
Bob who wrote ”Blowin’ in the Wind” DYLAN
Burn with hot water SCALD
Campus housing DORM
Canary or robin SONGBIRD
Capital of Japan TOKYO
Clicking sounds of disapproval TSKS
College military program: Abbr ROTC
Commercials and billboards ADS
Conclude a plane flight LAND
Conclusion END
Crawling colony insects ANTS
Crunchy layered sandwiches, for short BLTS
Device to cook gridlike batter WAFFLEIRON
Device to fry pork strips BACONGRILL
Device to make strong coffee ESPRESSOMACHINE
Egotist’s top priority SELF
Ending for spoon or hope FUL
Father’s Day honorees DADS
Female singing voice ALTO
Fix, as a loose shoelace RETIE
Flavor enhancer initials MSG
Former Italian money LIRA
Four-door cars SEDANS
Furious ANGRY
Garb meant to disguise, for short CAMO
Gave temporarily LENT
Guy with golden hair BLOND
Hawaiian feast LUAU
Incoming flight stats: Abbr ETAS
Is able to CAN
Jobs for detectives CASES
Joint above a shin KNEE
Lagoon’s coral structure REEF
Large disk in a pagoda GONG
Lion zodiac sign LEO
List of meal choices MENU
Long (for) YEARN
Long African river NILE
Lose air, as a tire LEAK
Lower-leg joints ANKLES
Majestic southern tree MAGNOLIA
Make beer or tea BREW
Make furious RILE
Metal that’s mined ORE
Near-failing grade DMINUS
Neighborhood AREA
Nest egg accounts: Abbr IRAS
Nevada casino city RENO
Not as far CLOSER
Notion IDEA
Opera solo ARIA
Personal characteristic TRAIT
Poet Dickinson or Post of etiquette EMILY
Poorly lit DIM
Pop singer Orbison ROY
Possesses HAS
Reach across, as a bridge SPAN
Row of people waiting LINE
Run out, as a subscription LAPSE
Sits for a photo POSES
Slanted typeface: Abbr ITAL
Smallest pups in a litter RUNTS
Submit tax returns online EFILE
Swiss peak ALP
Teheran’s country IRAN
The Dalai __ LAMA
Two-__ number (11 or 99) DIGIT
Urgent request PLEA
Vehicles for school kids BUSES
Was first on a trail LED
Was furious RAGED
Without air, as a tire FLAT
Workweek-ending shout TGIF
__ Moines, IA DES