Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
”Cold shoulder” dress inventor KARAN
”Grab some pine!” PARKIT
”Mamma Mia!” or ”Escape to Margaritaville” JUKEBOXMUSICAL
”The Vanishing American” author GREY
Alert about a flight, maybe APB
Antonym of ”well-known” ARCANE
Apple polisher, at times GROCER
Asian producer of nearly all of the world’s saffron IRAN
Assume THINK
Be ahead of ANTEDATE
Breaking down to a fault OVERANALYTICAL
Call for a refill, perhaps MEOW
Capital of three continents PESO
Cause of double trouble? EVILTWIN
City near Downton Abbey YORK
Clothier Bean’s first name LEON
Co. that knows your address ISP
Cork, for one, or what it might top PORT
Dashed, say RANARACE
Discounted, or undiscounted RETAGGED
Element of film noir lighting SLAT
Emotional exigency DESIRE
Enthusiastic endorsement RAVE
Film studied in physics labs SOAP
Format for many Smithsonian docs IMAX
Forum appointments ROMANART
Frustration for an auditor SILENTTREATMENT
German pen pal of da Vinci DURER
Her first husband (1956-1962) was a Japanese composer ONO
Home of forests in perpetual fog PERU
Home of the Contratto winery ASTI
Hustle FRAUD
Independently ASIDE
Clues Answers
Intra- kin ENTO
Intuit GET
Its Twitter debut: ”We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet” CIA
Just the same YET
Lambaste SNAPAT
Letters often set in stone ESTD
Looped-head fastener EYENUT
Made up, in a way TALL
Marshal FORM
Mile-a-minute predator MAKO
Mini-mouthful in Mallorca TAPA
Monopolizes TIESUP
Name derived from a northwestern French region BRET
Not shirking ONIT
Object AIM
Panamanian promenade PASEO
Papal administrative organ CURIA
Patron of Audubon ASTOR
Place name from the Celtic for ”river” AVON
Print or save MENUITEM
Puts out MIFFS
Receptive group SENSES
Retro theater name RIALTO
Sesame product? ACCESS
Set off BEGIN
Strike against GNASH
Taking advantage of PLAYING
Tema per un poeta AMORE
Tennis pro Andy Murray, since 2017 SIR
Throws over DESERTS
Typical farmers’ market patron LOCAVORE
Very comfortable INCLOVER
What McDonald’s fries were once served with TALLOW
Where singles gather in bars TIPJAR
Work for political purposes TRACT