– Aug 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”That’s it!” RIGHTYOUARE
”There’s __ in ‘team”’ NOI
”Your __ Too Big” (Fats Waller tune) FEETS
’50s music DOOWOP
11 Wall St. addressee NYSE
400+ episode CBS series NCIS
Aviator’s setting SKY
Be too easy to please FAWN
Beluga whales’ Canadian habitat AMUNDSENGULF
Bewildered ATSEA
Campers, briefly RVS
Chanted cheer OLE
Check received from the government IRSAUDIT
Conference room accessory EASEL
Continental separator BERINGSTRAIT
Copying ALA
Corporate shuffling REORG
Creole cuisine artiste LAGASSE
Dandy-dressed dudes FOPS
Didn’t recycle TOSSED
Didn’t stay up SANK
Ecclesiastical assembly SYNOD
Erie Canal outlet HUDSONRIVER
First opened: Abbr ESTD
Forensic macromolecule DNA
Gazelle cousin IMPALA
Gets __ rap ABUM
Had too much ODED
Heavy coats PARKAS
Hey follower DAY
Latin ”sake” on a Pulitzer medal CAUSA
Look pleased GRIN
Loophole OUT
Magnetism measures named for a Danish physicist OERSTEDS
Makes pointier SHARPENS
Microscope part KNOB
Minuteman’s arm MUSKET
Monocle’s edge RIM
Much, so to speak LOTSA
Novelist Calvino ITALO
Novelist Seton ANYA
Of worshipers LAIC
Office activity MEETING
On-point APT
Part of a paw PAD
Pedestal base PLINTH
Poetic monogram TSE
Portrayed WAS
Pretty well drained ONEMPTY
Replay mode SLOMO
Rocky Mtn. state IDA
Second afterthought, for short PPS
Seeing things EYES
Shivery reaction BRR
Snare again REBAG
South Asian dumpling SAMOSA
Starter like terra- GEO
Superintended RAN
Taiwanese rival of Dell ACER
Takes turns, say STEERS
They take big steps STRIDERS
This-century presidential monogram GWB
Topper for sealing LID
Trick into getting WANGLE
Typist’s biggest target SPACEKEY
What early PCs ran on MSDOS
What might puzzle a diagnostician RARECASE
Word on São Paulo stamps BRASIL
WWII battleship USSIOWA
__-ray BLU

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