– Aug 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”Pygmalion” genre COMEDYOFMANNERS
”Short” suffix in music ETTA
’70s fad on wheels ROLLERDISCO
Arriving immediately, in future stories TELEPORTING
Atlantic, informally POND
Babylonian ”Queen of Heaven” ISHTAR
Bind oneself verbally SWEAR
BOGO promotion TWOFER
Bottle model SHIP
Brown-butter flavoring SAGE
Buffalo Bill, as a baby IOWAN
Burger option in California EMU
Byproduct used in building SLAG
Called it a day, in a way HEADEDIN
Certain tankers OILERS
Chalky look PALLOR
Clears RIDS
Cry to a captain CHOOSEME
Dietary designation LOFAT
Early goings ONSET
Exits at a gate DEPLANES, e.g WATCHDOG
Found in a certain flock OVINE
Frost or ice, for example SWEETEN
Fruity, bubbly brand ORANGINA
It’s assigned to oxygen EIGHT
Language of Sri Lanka TAMIL
Literary inspiration for Verne POE
Literary pal of Coleridge LAMB
Mapping candidate GENE
Miserable, as the weather RAW
Non-restrictive tests OPENMRIS
Not spread around LOCAL
Notation after ”A fool’s paradise” ANON
One before one NOON
One may get rid of bugs UPDATE
One of 11 in ”Macbeth” ARIA
Out of service LAIDUP
Overstretch yourself LIE
Oz building material EMERALDS
Pan-fry candidate SOLE
Part of a show ACT
Part of an Austin Powers costume ASCOT
Promulgates SOWS
Pumpkin pie spice CLOVE
Put together, as two shots SPLICED
Quiet spaces DENS
Reception preceder CEREMONY
Savory stew of Morocco TAGINE
Shade similar to rosewood BLOODRED
Shown from above AERIAL
Spread around WIDE
Sub for speed, say PINCHRUN
Surf school center MAUI
Swarming RIFE
Sweeping mouths MAWS
Take care of by needling DARN
Take care of by needling NAG
They might break up a band EGOS
They’re exchanged in water softening IONS
Tiny number cruncher CPU
Treatment centers, collectively PHARMA
Truck load CARGO
Turn for the worse ROT
UN member, 1945-1971 TAIWAN
Unthinkable to take back SOLDASIS
Where the River Po rises ALPS

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