Crossword Puzzle Info – Aug 9 2018

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Clues Answers
”Don’t need to know that!” TMI
”My, my!” OHGEE
”Oklahoma!” lyricist HAMMERSTEIN
”Peer Gynt” dramatist IBSEN
”Roof of the World” HIMALAYAS
”Skyfall” studio MGM
”That’s a shame” PITY
Abe’s South Dakota neighbor TEDDY
All-__ printer INONE
Authorization, informally SAYSO
Be stunned REEL
Brewpub designation IPA
Casual shoe style OPENTOE
Certain soundalikes HOMOPHONES
Cheyenne allies ARAPAHO
Compared to THAN
Contra- cousin ANTI
Crowd-sourced review site YELP
Cub Scout group DEN
Dashboard letters RPM
Data center stats UPTIMES
Do one’s best TRY
Dynamic opening AERO
Earth-friendly, to begin with ECO
El __ (Spanish hero) CID
English majors’ degs BAS
Exxon merger partner MOBIL
Fabric flaw RIP
Faded away WANED
Faint trace WISP
Family nickname POP
Flier that can hover HUMMINGBIRD
Flits around DARTS
From way, way back OLD
Get hitched in haste ELOPE
Go back into beta RETEST
Goddess invoked by Wonder Woman HERA
Half a giggle HEE
Half of a globe HEMISPHERE
Clues Answers
Hatchery sound PEEPING
Head slapper’s remark DUH
Inscrutable ones ENIGMAS
Kind of duck EIDER
Lame answer to ”Why?” BECAUSE
Lyric, essentially POEM
Major prophet ISAIAH
Marks to remove STAINS
Med. center area ICU
Metaphor for disorganization ZOO
Meteorological prefix ISO
Mixed in with AMID
Model of slipperiness EEL
Mosque tower MINARET
Most October babies LIBRAS
Move like a crow HOP
Mythical vessel ARGO
NBA or NHL stats PTS
Not as socially smooth GEEKIER
Racket DIN
Ranted and raved STORMED
Red state IRE
Red traffic sign NOENTRY
Santa __ winds ANA
Scottsdale neighbor TEMPE
Self-styled Dr. of rap DRE
Simple shelter HUT
Start of a fitness maxim USEIT
Street cred REP
Structured thought CONCEPT
Symbol of sturdiness OAK
Terse affirmation IDO
Turn loose from the corral UNPEN
Unpleasant expression SNEER
Very small worker ANT
Viennese trio DREI
What some moms are called MRS
Windows expert GLAZIER
Work at PLY