Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
”. . . land, two if __” BYSEA
”It’s __ -brainer!” ANO
Actor Alda ALAN
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Agricultural establishment FARM
Auspices AEGIS
Baseball great Ripken CAL
Become frosty ICEUP
Before, in verse ERE
Botanical soother ALOE
Capital of Idaho BOISE
Capital of Utah, initially SLC
Casual throw TOSS
Cellphone messages TEXTS
Chicken noodle, for one SOUP
Crusty dessert PIE
Deep cut GASH
Donated GAVE
Double-curves ESSES
Dresses of India SARIS
Ensign or admiral RANK
Expert ACE
Fearsome dinosaur, for short TREX
Feline cry MEOW
First phase ONSET
Flabbergast STUN
Flabbergasted AGOG
Frankenstein’s assistant IGOR
George who created ”Star Wars” LUCAS
Give a little push to URGE
Gymnast Korbut OLGA
Hidden motive ANGLE
High-end watch brand ROLEX
Hurricane centers EYES
Hurry it up RUSH
Important happening EVENT
Jai __ ALAI
Kitchen furniture TABLE
Lawn covering GRASS
Letter-writing friend PENPAL
Lower-leg joint ANKLE
Musical gift EAR
Nature walk HIKE
Nuisances PESTS
Place for a pants patch KNEE
Planet beyond Saturn URANUS
Police zapper TASER
Queen in ”Frozen” ELSA
Rational SANE
Resorting to desperate measures, as a sitcom JUMPINGTHESHARK
Royal residence PALACE
Rude looks LEERS
Russian money RUBLE
Sail pole MAST
Schoolyard game TAG
Shut down CLOSE
Sign up JOIN
Small salamander NEWT
Sound of surprise GASP
Tear (apart) RIP
Time-consuming LONG
Tires out FATIGUES
Traveling hobo-style HOPPINGAFREIGHT
Two-tone cookie OREO
Unoriginal idea REHASH
Venice waterway CANAL
Water, in Mexico AGUA
Wetlands bird CRANE
Wield, as force EXERT
Woman in a choir ALTO
World traveler’s document PASSPORT
Yale student ELI
__ Alamos, NM LOS
__-esteem (ego) SELF
__-mo replay SLO
__-Saxon ANGLO