Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”I’m all ears!” DOTELL
”In addition . . .” AND
”Poison” climbing plant IVY
”You know how __” ITIS
”__ out?” (card dealer’s query) INOR
A single time ONCE
Abstains from eating FASTS
Amazes AWES
Annoying sounds NOISES
Antlered animals ELKS
Appears to be SEEMS
Arrange into stacks SORT
Art __ (retro building style) DECO
Author Wiesel ELIE
Auto’s front glass WINDSHIELD
Aviation-related prefix AERO
Backyard storage structure SHED
Baseball great Ripken CAL
Be patient WAIT
Border around some schoolyards CHAINLINKFENCE
Campaigner’s oration SPEECH
Checklist line ITEM
Commotion ADO
Crunchy sandwich, for short BLT
Disorderly stack HEAP
Don’t go together, as plaids with stripes CLASH
Eight-sided street sign STOP
Electrified fishes EELS
Entryway with a bug barrier SCREENDOOR
Envelope insert: Abbr ENC
Farmland measure ACRE
Flower stalk STEM
Game show host EMCEE
Hard-to-please actress DIVA
Home’s upper storage area ATTIC
Last song in a show FINALE
Local sandwich shop DELI
Long-legged wading bird HERON
Manufacture MAKE
Not very wide NARROW
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Opening statement, for short INTRO
Paper-repairing roll CELLOPHANETAPE
Pet adoption org SPCA
Pet __ (ongoing annoyance) PEEVE
Place for mascara LASH
Popular college guy, for short BMOC
Product to clean dinnerware DISHSOAP
Republican’s opponent: Abbr DEM
Salon sweepings HAIR
Scottish girl LASS
Self-esteem EGO
Spanish cheer OLE
Speckle-coated horse ROAN
Speed contest RACE
Spot of land in the ocean ISLE
Starring role LEAD
Stood up for DEFENDED
Strong rope CORD
Summer hours in CA PDT
Taking the place (of) INLIEU
Tater Tots maker OREIDA
Television award EMMY
Tell untruths LIE
Thinnest American coin DIME
Took advantage of USED
Top poker card ACE
Trampled (on) TROD
Trimmed off, as a rind PARED
Unwanted garden plant WEED
Vegetable in gumbo OKRA
Video arcade giant SEGA
Wood-cutting tools SAWS
Workplace protection agcy OSHA
__ 1 (speed of sound) MACH
__ Sketch (drawing toy) ETCHA
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN