Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 24 2018

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Clues Answers
”. . . and a partridge __” INAPEARTREE
”. . . __, two turtledoves . . .” THREEFRENCHHENS
”A mouse!” EEK
”Five __, four calling birds . . .” GOLDENRINGS
”Great!” SUPER
”Grizzly” beasts BEARS
”Mighty” trees OAKS
”Roses __ red . . .” ARE
”__ Sir or Madam . . .” DEAR
Adam and Eve’s home EDEN
Adds to the payroll HIRES
Adolescent TEEN
Alphabetize SORT
Angry look SCOWL
Annoying ones PESTS
Artist’s stand EASEL
Boxing match locale ARENA
Break in two SPLIT
California winter clock setting: Abbr PST
Car transmission choices GEARS
Ceiling-mounted room coolers FANS
Coffee alternative TEA
Cowpoke’s lasso ROPE
Curved line ARC
Desk space for legs KNEEHOLE
Devour EATUP
Don’t stop at PASSBY
Double-curve letter ESS
Emcee HOST
Factual TRUE
Farm’s grain tower SILO
Female choir member ALTO
Fine necktie fabric SILK
Give temporarily LEND
Hammer target NAIL
Hawaiian hellos ALOHAS
Horse’s cry NEIGH
Ignore socially SNUB
In a little while LATER
Irritates greatly GALLS
Land parcels to build on LOTS
Midmorning hour TEN
Minister in church PASTOR
Minor modifications TWEAKS
Moved quickly SPED
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Muscle soreness ACHE
Neither fish __ fowl NOR
Obama’s vice president BIDEN
Occupational suffix for auction EER
Opponent FOE
Pacific or Atlantic OCEAN
Perform a ballad SING
Pocketbook or satchel BAG
Pod veggie PEA
Portion of corn EAR
Pull apart, as paper RIP
Qualifies for EARNS
Qualify for MERIT
Receives after taxes NETS
Safety attachment atop a car seat HEADREST
Scary and strange EERIE
Season after summer FALL
Secret agent SPY
Selected CHOSE
Ship’s diary LOG
Sketch a picture DRAW
Small warbling bird WREN
Top card in poker ACE
Unlocks OPENS
Upscale German cars, for short BMWS
Walk-__ (cameo roles) ONS
Was familiar with KNEW
Wear away ERODE
When a plane is expected: Abbr ETA
Without assistance ALONE
Wooden shipping container CRATE
__ off (get along well) HITIT