Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
”Evidently” SOITSEEMS
”Look __ you leap” ERE
”Pardon?” HUNH
”__ waiting . . .” WERE
Abrasive material EMERY
Accept 19 Across GETREAL
Bank-withdrawal specialist? SNOWPLOW
Banned hydrocarbon DDT
Be the best, so to speak RULE
Book before Obadiah AMOS
Childishly trivial PUERILE
Cleo’s ”baby,” per the Bard ASP
Commentary section OPED
Crucial core NUCLEUS
Discussion-ending comment THATSTHAT
Distress signal YOWL
Doing police work ONPATROL
Don’t allow to forget NAG
Don’t cook enough UNDERDO
Eagles, for instance RAPTORS
Earth science eponym MOHS
Eastern Africans SOMALIS
Elongated restraint TETHER
Ending like -ling LET
Engineer’s signal TOOT
German cathedral city COLOGNE
Good health, happiness, etc WELFARE
GPS reading ENE
High land NEPAL
Highway exit path LOOP
How things really are WHATSWHAT
Important age ERA
In a way SORTOF
In good condition FIT
In green on a course scoreboard OVERPAR
Investigator’s quest ANSWERS
Isolated LONE
Largest MO airport STL
Longtime ”Today” guy ALROKER
Maine thing LOBSTER
Many a recent IPO DOTCOM
Not quite express ONESTOP
Office expense RENT
Office income SALES
Official communication MESSAGE
On a break RESTING
Pedometer’s starting setting, perhaps OOO
Periphery EDGES
Phi Bete’s pride GPA
Plethora OCEAN
Prince Harry topper REDHAIR
Province of Ireland ULSTER
Ranch gear LASSOS
Ren Faire refreshers ALES
Rowling kid with 60 Across RON
Runner in the house RUG
Sassy PERT
Second-guesser’s word SHOULDA
Sent, as spam EMAILED
Small team DUO
Streamlined to the max LEANEST
Term in baseball and bowling STRIKE
Tony score for Elton AIDA
Transportation to Oz TORNADO
Use jointly SHARE
Utopian IDEAL
VIP directory WHOSWHO
Wave away SHOO
What Elmo calls Dagwood MRB
Will Smith Oscar-nominated role ALI
Wooden backing for stucco LATH
Young’uns TOTS
__ and Media Studies (Columbia department) FILM