Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 31 2018

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Clues Answers
”Dear __ or Madam . . .” SIR
”Quantum” jump LEAP
”Take your time” NORUSH
”Treble” symbol on music CLEF
”Very, very soon!” INASEC
”You __ have bothered” NEEDNT
1770s patriot Hale NATHAN
401(k) alternative IRA
Alternative to Sears KMART
Be obligated to OWE
Beauty parlor’s creation HAIRDO
Bring to a conclusion END
Cavalry sword SABER
Checkers player’s demand KINGME
Coddled BABIED
Cold War adversary: Abbr USSR
Come into view APPEAR
Computer support person, for short TECH
Day before Fri THU
Detest HATE
Drag-race vehicle HOTROD
Draws, as a magnet ATTRACTS
Egyptian snake ASP
Extra auto tire SPARE
Family room DEN
Fundamental BASIC
Halves of quarts: Abbr PTS
Hide-and-__ SEEK
Highest cards in poker ACES
Hour after midnight ONE
In dreamland ASLEEP
In first place AHEAD
Indicates assent silently NODS
Insect-blocking window insert SCREEN
Internet commerce ETAIL
Lacking the skill UNABLE
Little bite NIP
Longstanding quarrel FEUD
Make angry RILE
Makes a mistake ERRS
Midmorning hour TEN
Midnight bubbly rituals CHAMPAGNETOASTS
More quickly FASTER
Neglects to DOESNT
Nile queen, for short CLEO
Not on time LATE
Old anesthetic ETHER
Part of the eye CORNEA
Parts of plays ACTS
Person going out with another DATER
Person who stares OGLER
Pie __ mode ALA
Post-midnight colorful sky explosions FIREWORKS
Pre-midnight numerical ritual COUNTDOWN
Rain boot GALOSH
Recycling receptacle BIN
Rental contract LEASE
Response to a childish dare ICANSO
Roads that often cross aves STS
Rusts away CORRODES
Santa’s laughing syllables HOHO
Scooby-__ (cartoon dog) DOO
Sgt. or cpl NCO
Ship’s distress signal SOS
Shows to a seat, slangily USHES
Snuggle up NESTLE
Speech giver’s start, for short INTRO
Stop-sign color RED
Subj. for recent immigrants ESL
Successful dieters LOSERS
Summer hrs. in Pa EDT
Tossed in the trash THREWOUT
Was thinking creatively HADIDEAS
Word-of-mouth ORAL
__ and cheese (lunch pasta dish) MAC
__ for (choose) OPT
__ the occasion (come through) RISETO
__-cone (icy treat) SNO