Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 4 2018

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Clues Answers
”__ we go again!” HERE
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Affirmative votes AYES
Air safety agcy FAA
Annoy IRK
Apartment buildings without elevators WALKUPS
Army medal recipient HERO
Baby’s bed CRIB
Border on ABUT
Boxing match venue ARENA
Boyfriend BEAU
Bugs in colonies ANTS
Calendar square DAY
Chopped down AXED
Clenched hand FIST
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Comical circus performer CLOWN
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Dollar bill ONE
Dressed (in) CLAD
Droplets of ocean waves SEASPRAY
Enticing smell AROMA
Floats on the air WAFTS
Flood barrier LEVEE
Folklore monster OGRE
From long ago OLDTIME
Game with pawns and bishops CHESS
Get well HEAL
Give temporarily LEND
Glide on snow SKI
Goes astray ERRS
Hair-styling goop GEL
Have some food EAT
High-tech ”fingerprint” DNA
Highest dice rolls SIXES
Hole-punching tool AWL
Houston resident TEXAN
Implied but unsaid TACIT
Large roll of cash WAD
Leftover assortment ODDSANDENDS
Light dinners SUPPERS
Locks of hair TRESSES
Look forward to AWAIT
Lunch and brunch MEALS
Make ready, for short PREP
Makes level EVENS
Managed care gps HMOS
Mom, to Auntie SIS
Muffin pan TIN
Needing a rest TIRED
Not so much LESS
Part of mph PER
Pigpen STY
Policy of concealment SECRECY
Potato bag SACK
Pre-schoolers TOTS
Put forth, as effort EXERT
Quitting phrase in poker IMOUT
Record-setting performances BESTS
Renown FAME
Satirization SENDUP
Shape of a globe SPHERE
Sister’s daughter NIECE
Solo for a soprano ARIA
Standing up straight ERECT
Stops marching HALTS
Stray from the script ADLIB
T-bone, for one STEAK
That guy HIM
The Red Planet MARS
Twosome DUO
Under-a-bar dance LIMBO
Walked pompously STRUTTED
Work stations for students DESKS
__ sanctum (secluded place) INNER