Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 6 2018

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Clues Answers
”If __ the Zoo” (Seuss book) IRAN
”Meet the Press” host TODD
2, on an ATM ABC
A star of ”Friends” COX
Absorb, as scenery DRINKIN
Aching YEN
Address an audience ORATE
Allow to pass LETGOBY
Any of the Keys: Abbr ISL
Aristocratic one NOBLE
Bell-shaped flower LILY
Blow up: Abbr ENL
Catherine, in ”Chicago” VELMA
Certain affirmative answer IDO
Clergy person, casually REV
Colorful image dot PIXEL
Datum from a limo driver ETA
Detailed examination STUDY
Doubtless SURE
Einstein’s birthplace ULM
Encore showing RERUN
End of 34 Across’ URL EDU
Ended a triathlon RAN
Future fiancé, perhaps BEAU
Gave a ballad a disco beat, say REMIXED
Gridiron punishment PENALTY
Gym equipment MAT
Haiku’s line count THREE
Have more than one’s fill OVEREAT
Highly lively VIBRANT
Hubbubs ADOS
Humidifier output VAPOR
Ice or Iron follower AGE
Idle drive SPIN
Innovative, in Innsbruck NEU
Invitation to taste TRYIT
Land beside Peru ECUADOR
Legal memo header INRE
Living quarters ABODE
Metaphorical irritant THORN
Millennial’s funds for the future IRA
Mining area PIT
Monocle edge RIM
Monsieur Descartes RENE
Mountaineer’s device ICEAX
Mythical man-goat SATYR
New U.S. arrival’s class ESL
Nod off SLEEP
Not from this world ALIEN
Novelist Deighton LEN
Obsolete sheet due to computer animation CEL
Part of a ”greatest thing” comparison SLICEDBREAD
Place for peas SEEDPOD
Place to buy pasta salad DELICOUNTER
Potential pursuits IDEAS
Relaxing walk AMBLE
Resembling a reed SLENDER
Resonant sounds PEALS
Sci-fi staples UFOS
Scottish philosopher HUME
Shelf hanger’s tool LEVEL
Silver State sch UNLV
Sound on MacDonald’s farm MOO
Sports show shout BOOYA
Stack holder LUMBERYARD
Stalk holder CORNFIELD
Steak holder MEATLOCKER
Stick holder BUTTERBOX
Stock holder CATTLEPEN
Stunt on skates AXEL
Threshold VERGE
Time to act DDAY
Use for an old T-shirt RAG
Veep before Al DAN
Where bus patrons’ trips start STOPS
Wonder Woman, for instance HEROINE