Crossword Puzzle Info – Dec 9 2018

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Clues Answers
”Cert” alternative ALTOID
”Scarlet” literary hero PIMPERNEL
55 Down personnel RNS
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actress Dame Diana RIGG
Actress Thurman UMA
Air monitoring org EPA
Amalgamate UNITE
Amiable NICE
Ancient light source OILLAMP
Apples or oranges NOUN
Apt. designations NOS
Astronomical bear URSA
Attire for Santa REDSUIT
Averse to mixing ASOCIAL
Avid fan NUT
Barbadian pop music icon RIHANNA
Baton Rouge sch LSU
Boston hockey great ORR
Bottom of a brook BED
Brash PERT
Bring to mind RECALL
British serving pieces TEATRAYS
Buy and sell DEALIN
Call for help SOS
Call it a day RETIRE
Camped out TENTED
Certain manual reader USER
Chef’s tall hat TOQUE
CIO partner AFL
Clatter DIN
Clock-setting abbr DST
Composer Bacharach BURT
CPO’s employer USN
Creative skill ART
Cry of triumph IRULE
Debt note IOU
Demand to a boaster PUTUPORSHUTUP
Dermal needle work, for short TATS
Detailed plan of action BLUEPRINT
Do more than surprise STUN
Doesn’t allow VETOES
Driveway material TAR
Early third-century date CCII
Egyptian snake ASP
Electronic toll device TRANSPONDER
Erstwhile channel selector DIAL
Extended story line ARC
Family nickname SIS
Fashion mag ELLE
Fast tempo ALLEGRO
For safety’s sake INCASE
Frat letter TAU
French Mrs MME
Grab a chair SIT
Greek salad topper FETA
Gymnast Mary __ Retton LOU
Having no corners, say ROUND
Heavy hammers SLEDGES
High-altitude formation CIRROCUMULUSCLOUD
High-tech movie FX CGI
Horror film CHILLER
Hosp. unit ICU
Hula instrument UKE
Iowa area on the Mississippi DUBUQUECOUNTY
Italian wine center ASTI
Japanese bedding FUTON
Keel over SWOON
Keep moist, as a turkey BASTE
Keeps from ranting APPEASES
Kids’ observation game ISPY
Kind of chicken CAPON
Legislative center SEAT
Like __ (very quickly) ASHOT
List shortener ETC
Literary contract provision OPTION
Longstanding developmental debate NATUREVERSUSNURTURE
Magnet, vis-à-vis iron ATTRACTOR
Mexican money PESOS
Modeling material BALSA
Most igneous rocks BASALT
Much too familiar TRITE
Muscle fatigue ACHE
Musical appreciation EAR
New England school, for short UCONN
New __ Wales SOUTH
Newest American Leaguers ASTROS
Nonexistent NIL
Nonprescription, for short OTC
Ore layer VEIN
Overact to extremes HAMUP
Pal of Harry Potter RON
Paranormal glows AURAS
Piece of lettuce LEAF
Prefix for center EPI
Put away, as a saber SHEATHE
Quarterfinals complement OCTET
Recliner part ARM
Recycling container BIN
Reliable expert PRO
Repel, with ”off” FEND
Required to justify one’s actions ACCOUNTABLE
Restraining order DROPIT
Salt amt TSP
School near Windsor ETON
Scottish body of water LOCH
Seinfeld character ELAINE
Sgts., for instance NCOS
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Singer/pianist Jones NORAH
Slalom site SKIRUN
Slow walk STROLL
Small bucks and does RABBITS
Son of Seth ENOS
Sort of slight swallow SIP
Spouse of 50 Across ONO
Start of some memos FYI
Structure at some Winter Carnivals ICECASTLE
Summer weather stat THI
Swimming NATANT
T-shirt size SMALL
Tax table no PCT
The Situation Room airer CNN
Thin porridges GRUELS
Third largest planet URANUS
Tierra rodeada de agua ISLA
Timely benefit BOON
Tough on the nose ACRID
Tungsten alias WOLFRAM
Two pills, perhaps DOSE
Ultimate purpose AIM
Use a pulley to lift HOIST
Vacuous EMPTY
Very unconventional OUTRE
What’s common to the five longest answers UUUU
Whom Liverpool’s airport is named for LENNON
Willy Wonka creator DAHL
Wishes undone RUES
Word often following ”further” ADO
X-Files agent DANA
__ culpa MEA
__ de Cologne EAU
__-fi SCI