Crossword Puzzle Info – February 1 2019

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Clues Answers
” . . . Prufrock” poet ELIOT
”Arabian Nights” prename ALI
”Forget it” NAH
”Waiting for Godot” author BECKETT
Aficionado’s exclamation OLE
An inlet, to a sea ARM
Apache raider GERONIMO
Beret’s lack BRIM
Breakthrough outburst AHA
Buy to sell DEALIN
Calendar abbr FRI
Calendrical brink EVE
Checked on paper XED
China shop purchase TEASET
Clover-filled field LEA
Common cold protection OVERCOAT
CPO’s group USN
Designation TITLE
Doorstep accessory MAT
Dynasty of Columbus’ day MING
Electronic drumming machine BEATBOX
End of quote ASTATUSQUO
Erstwhile hair removal brand NEET
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Hawaii’s state bird NENE
Helped to develop FOSTERED
Holds up ROBS
Imposing, as a structure TALL
Inflation abbreviation PSI
Info with a head shot, often BIO
Inspirational episode MOMENTOFZEN
Involving a motive CAUSAL
Knightly activity QUEST
Latter-day rookie NOOB
Major coffee source BRAZIL
Material for a roast PORK
Memory measure MEG
Mesmerized RAPT
Middle of quote OFNATUREISNOT
Motivational messages PEPTALKS
Mysterious ARCANE
National Spelling Bee airer ESPN
Nickname akin to Liz ELSIE
Out of concern that LEST
Pastime participation, for short REC
Patent preceder, presumably IDEA
Prunes from plums, perhaps LOPS
Riverside deposit SILT
Robert __ Lincoln TODD
Rock source of fuel OILSHALE
Scholastic Book Fair sponsor PTA
School that sounds like a Canadian region UCONN
Secondary LESSER
See 1 Down CARSON
See 45 Down SPRING
Self-identifier IAM
Set for assembly KIT
Silicon Valley city SANMATEO
Sizable dollop GOB
Small swarmer GNAT
Soprano Mitchell LEONA
South Pacific nation SAMOA
Star of the ”Hawaii Five-0” remake CAAN
Start of a quote THEBALANCE
Steed feed OATS
Stop from entering BAR
Streaming delay LAG
Trusted one PAL
Unnamed group THEM
Winery cask TUN
Wing it verbally ADLIB
With 12 Across, author of quote RACHEL
With 63 Across, source of quote SILENT
Workplace record of a sort ACCIDENTLOG