Crossword Puzzle Info – February 13 2019

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Clues Answers
”I’ve __ thinking . . .” BEEN
Actor Alda ALAN
Actress Thurman UMA
Adjacent (to) NEXT
Air quality org EPA
Aired again RERAN
Airplane aisle roller CART
Anger IRE
Assigns stars to RATES
Avis competitor HERTZ
Barnyard cackler HEN
Bart’s older sister LISA
Batted, but didn’t field DHED
Blockhead DOLT
Brain activity during deep sleep DELTARHYTHM
Bud who was baseball commissioner SELIG
Buddhism school ZEN
Casting agent’s category TYPE
Check recipients PAYEES
Chose, with ”for” OPTED
City near Tahoe RENO
Closed securely SEALED
Committee adjective ADHOC
Concerning INRE
Conflicts (with) CLASHES
Disney deer BAMBI
Do something ACT
Dog Chow alternative ALPO
Drink sample SIP
Eagle or oriole BIRD
EKG evaluators MDS
Encouragement to a little lad ATTABOY
Ending for kitchen ETTE
Faithful LOYAL
Faucet flaw LEAK
Fishing spot PIER
Frantically LIKEMAD
Full range ATOZ
Garden pests WEEDS
Goofs up ERRS
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Gusto ZEST
Hastened away FLED
Historic immigration island ELLIS
Honolulu’s locale OAHU
Ivan of tennis LENDL
Justice Kagan ELENA
Lincoln in-laws TODDS
Major airports HUBS
Morning waker-upper ALARM
Morsel in some cereals BERRY
Musses, as hair TOUSLES
Needing deciphering CODED
Not connected APART
Notable period ERA
Oil production meas BBL
PC corner key CTRL
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Reached a high point, as the tide CRESTED
Sandwich meats HAMS
Shopping splurge SPREE
Siestas NAPS
Skip over vocally ELIDE
Small amount BIT
Software trial run BETATEST
Sort of sailboat YAWL
Statute LAW
Syringe, for short HYPO
Take-charge woman ALPHAFEMALE
Terrible tyke BRAT
Type of atomic radiation GAMMARAY
Typical first-grader age SIX
Where Persians are admired CATSHOW
While the sun is out ALLDAY
Word on a nickel CENTS
Zeus’s spouse HERA
__ carte menu ALA
__ Club (environmental group) SIERRA