Crossword Puzzle Info – February 14 2019

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Clues Answers
”Beg pardon . . .” AHEM
”Doctor Who” airer BBC
”Green” prefix ECO
”Simpsons” hangout MOES
”Woo-hoo!” YAY
Auditor’s designation CPA
Barbaric ones HUNS
Bengay alternative ICYHOT
Best score in baccarat NINE
Bested, in some bouts KOD
Bombastic GASSY
Bottled brew, briefly IPA
Bush 43 labor secretary CHAO
Campout treat SMORE
Carve into stone ETCH
Ceiling support JOIST
Chi-town team SOX
Chorale participant ALTO
Conceals MASKS
Corn product HOMINY
Criticize too much CARPAT
Cuba neighbor HAITI
Director Kazan ELIA
Elsewhere ABSENT
Engine sound CHUG
Entry point DOOR
Erstwhile global carrier PANAM
Fictional Quaker captain AHAB
Figured out GOT
Freud contemporary JUNG
Get steamed SEERED
Higher-latitude than here NORTH
Hubcap material CHROME
It means ”very small” NANO
Jump past OMIT
Laces (into) RIPS
Letters on old phones OPER
Major disorder CHAOS
Mandlikova of tennis HANA
Mental impression IDEA
Mention in a footnote CITE
Midwest hub OHARE
Midwest stop on the transcontinental railroad OMAHA
Mississippi tributary OHIO
Off-the-neck hairstyle UPDO
Only batted DHED
Orbital period YEAR
Peace in the family DOMESTICHARMONY
Picture, in design slang ILLO
Playroom fixture TOYBOX
Poetic contraction NEER
Port of Honshu OSAKA
Proverbial talker MONEY
Pub squad DARTTEAM
Pushpin alternative TACK
Request to be excused MAYIGO
Sealy competitor SERTA
Set loose from a sty UNPEN
Sign of maturity GRAYHAIR
Solemn assents AMENS
Spanish love AMOR
Spanish surrealist MIRO
Sphere of activity ARENA
Splendor POMP
Spot for a doghouse YARD
Team with eight legs OXEN
Test pilot’s wear GSUIT
Tinker Bell, for one PIXIE
To be, to Beauvoir ETRE
Tossed in ADDED
Trade-show setup BOOTH
What jet lag disturbs CIRCADIANRHYTHM
Xerography powder TONER
Yogurt flavor ACAI