Crossword Puzzle Info – February 15 2019

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Clues Answers
”America the Beautiful” pronoun THEE
”How exciting!” OOH
”I’m all ears!” TRYME
Absolut alternative SKYY
Aegean isle CRETE
Avenue __ Champs-Élysées DES
Baloney, baloney DRIVELPOPPYCOCK
Baloney, baloney, baloney
Blue hue NAVY
Bombards with a ”Bzzzzt!” ZAPS
Bow (out) OPT
Bullying type MEANIE
Case for makeup pencils ETUI
Cause of a sour taste ACID
Certain Cornhusker OMAHAN
Chekhov sister OLGA
Cohen’s Kazakh character BORAT
Congest JAMUP
Cook’s encouragement EAT
Decisive blows KOS
Eagle abode CLIFFTOP
Fiery fleck EMBER
Foe of the Navajo UTE
Food server’s encouragement ENJOY
Formal agreement PACT
Fruit from Turkey FIG
Ghana’s capital ACCRA
Gravy, on some menus JUS
Hamburg’s river ELBE
Have __ (nosh) ABITE
Hostile opposition ENEMY
Inordinately TOO
It means ”elevation” ACRO
Leg support ANKLE
Like bucks MALE
Make it big GOFAR
Manufactured knockoff CLONE
Clues Answers
Nothing NIL
Nothing ZERO
Part of an ear LOBE
Parting shot of a sort PUTT
Perched on ATOP
Perfectionist’s concern ORDER
Phone-cord shape COIL
Pitchfork fodder HAY
Plymouth proxy suitor ALDEN
Prohibition BAN
Revolutionary nickname CHE
Ride arranged with an app UBER
Rise (up) REAR
Roma’s Fontana di __ TREVI
Savory taste UMAMI
Section of seats TIER
Silver State NCAA team UNLV
Solemn observances RITES
Some microwaves, shortly GES
Son of Cain ENOCH
Sound of amusement TEHEE
South Sudan’s capital JUBA
St., ave., etc ABBRS
Stick-y summer treat POPSICLE
Summer get-together? EMS
Superhero accessory CAPE
Supposed ”superfruit” ACAI
Swedish supergroup ABBA
Theater path AISLE
Title for two Beatles SIR
Unburdening EASING
Unruly hair MOPS
Unspecific extent NTH
Unspoken TACIT
Ward off PARRY
Was sore ACHED
When an EMT is expected ETA
With proficiency ABLY