Crossword Puzzle Info – February 18 2019

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Clues Answers
”By all means!” SURE
”Promise to pay” notes IOUS
”Without further __ . . .” ADO
12-inch lengths FEET
Accelerator or brake PEDAL
Adam and Eve’s home EDEN
African wildlife tour SAFARI
Arrests, informally NABS
Arson or theft CRIME
Bank person taking your deposit TELLER
Be in debt OWE
Be introduced to MEET
Become more mature AGE
Before-noon times: Abbr AMS
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Bottom-line figure TOTAL
Called up PHONED
Cannot be verified, as an excuse DOESNTHOLDWATER
Capital of Peru LIMA
Carryall bag TOTE
Chicken coop females HENS
Christmas carol NOEL
Cola or root beer SODA
Come into disagreement CONFLICT
Devoured ATEUP
Drive-__ window THRU
Dry as a desert ARID
Emerge from an egg HATCH
Even if, for short ALTHO
Everyone ALL
Farmland measure ACRE
Find fault pettily CARP
Fishing rod POLE
Freezing rain SLEET
Garage for planes HANGAR
Gets a glimpse of SEES
Glide on a rink SKATE
Hammer target NAIL
Has dinner or lunch EATS
In favor of FOR
In this very spot HERE
Jai __ (fast-moving game) ALAI
Light brown color BEIGE
Like very much ADORE
Lower-left PC key CTRL
Mail routing abbr ATTN
Make a mistake ERR
Military no-show: Abbr AWOL
Nebraska city OMAHA
New __, India DELHI
Ocean east of the USA ATL
One from England, for short BRIT
One way or another SOMEHOW
Opposite of ”Count me out!” IMIN
Out of the office NOTIN
Part for an actor ROLE
Plaintiff in court SUER
Police alerts, for short APBS
Prefix meaning ”three” TRI
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Sheriffs’ assistants DEPUTIES
Sleep in a tent CAMP
Sly laugh sound HEH
Song from the ’50s or ’60s OLDIE
Soothing lotion ingredient ALOE
Spanish lady SENORA
Sports cable channel ESPN
Start a conversation BREAKTHEICE
Stood up AROSE
Take the wheel STEER
Thick carpeting SHAG
Ultimatum ender ORELSE
Valentine’s Day flower ROSE
Vent one’s annoyance LETOFFSTEAM
Washerful of laundry LOAD
Worthy of attention NOTABLE