Crossword Puzzle Info – January 30 2019

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Clues Answers
”Doggone it!” DRAT
A US alliance NATO
About to experience INFOR
Accolades HONORS
Additional MORE
Asian cuisine THAI
Assembly line org UAW
Basketball great Bryant KOBE
Be silently furious SEETHE
Black-and-white dolphin ORCA
Brainy club MENSA
Breaks sharply SNAPS
Bulgaria’s capital SOFIA
Capital of Peru LIMA
Celestial streaker with a tail COMET
City in Mo STL
Computer program spec writer SOFTWAREANALYST
Concerning ASTO
Cook in oil FRY
Dappled horse ROAN
Dugout VIP MGR
Elk relative MOOSE
End of a charity’s URL ORG
Explosive sounds BOOMS
Fairway club IRON
Far from the coast INLAND
Florida Gulf city TAMPA
Flying-related prefix AERO
Football official REF
Gallery display ART
Genesis exile ADAM
Guy with an agricultural hobby GENTLEMANFARMER
Have on WEAR
Helper AIDE
Large briny body OCEAN
Limber LITHE
Lugs around TOTES
Many-episode plot line STORYARC
Miss of Madrid: Abbr SRTA
Money in France EURO
Muscle quality TONE
NFL game airer ESPN
Number on a wine label YEAR
Of __ (pointless) NOUSE
Office personnel STAFF
Par for the course NORM
Passing fancies FADS
Ping-Pong surface TABLE
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Reduce the pressure of EASE
Refers to CITES
Relatives KIN
Respond to a joke LAUGH
Rich cake TORTE
River at Pittsburgh OHIO
Seat at the bar STOOL
Sheriff’s assistants DEPUTIES
Skating surface ICE
Small, mischievous one IMP
Some time ago ONCE
Sound of a whistle TOOT
Stories TALES
Supervisor BOSS
Surface for 1 Across SNOW
Suspicious FISHY
Sweepstakes submission ENTRY
Tool with teeth SAW
Troop campout novice TENDERFOOTSCOUT
Try to make it on one’s own GOSOLO
Underlying cause ROOT
Urban air pollution SMOG
Verification PROOF
Wild guess STAB
Winter resort gear SKIS
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Would like to have WANTS
Writer of poetic tributes ODIST
__ Holiness (papal title) HIS