Crossword Puzzle Info – January 4 2019

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Clues Answers
”Net” figure PROFIT
”Power Lunch” airer CNBC
”The Right Stuff” writer WOLFE
2010s secretary of state KERRY
A Rocky Mtn. state IDA
African scavenger HYENA
Any of ”Las Canarias” ISLA
Article read by Merkel EIN
Beverage served in spots TEA
Cassini contemporary BEENE
Change-machine directive INSERT
City seen in ”Slumdog Millionaire” AGRA
Clinic designation LPN
Clown accessory WIG
Crunchy snack TACO
Daisy’s cousin ASTER
Defeat utterly CRUSH
Diner supplies RYES
Dog or boxer PUG
E-book hardware READER
Finish a flight LAND
Flawless, in spaceflight AOK
Food for thought IDEAS
Foot support ARCH
Garfield’s middle name ABRAM
GM’s former battery brand DELCO
Hour after ”mezzanotte” UNO
Incendiarism ARSON
It may have up to 354 legs CENTIPEDE
La __ Tar Pits BREA
Last Summer Olympics city RIO
Lemony Snicket series girlfriend ESME
Letters on some collectible coat buttons CSA
Literary bad side HYDE
Low-tech farm tools HOES
Many a monthly, for short MAG
Milne’s first name ALAN
Monastery VIP ABBOT
Mouthwash endorsing org ADA
Move casually MOSEY
Mr. Gatsby JAY
Net holder in basketball RIM
Nonvocal assents NODS
Not normally visible INNER
Part of GPS SYST
Pasture sound BAA
Plastic wrap, for short CELLO
Poetic future time ANON
Post denial NOSIR
Powdered grain MEAL
Prefix for physics ASTRO
Pungency BITE
Put in the game USE
Red rocks RUBIES
Regrettable SAD
Rightmost sundial letters III
Sci-fi guy __ Scott Card ORSON
Seem indifferent SHRUG
Smoke detector’s low-battery sound CHIRP
Sphere of operation AMBIT
Subsequent showing RERUN
Superlative prefix UBER
Swamp thing GATOR
Things learned first ABCS
Toadstools, e.g FUNGI
Toy plane material BALSA
Unnamed others THEY
Vague degree NTH
Watchmaker Piccard LUCIEN
Way up there ONHIGH
With proficiency ABLY
Witty bit MOT
Yosemite tour vehicle TRAM