Crossword Puzzle Info – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
”Victory is mine!” IWON
”__ song of sixpence . . .” SINGA
A Great Lake ERIE
Absolute rulers, as of Japan and old Rome EMPERORS
Aroma ODOR
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
Bounce back, as a sound ECHO
Boys in the family SONS
Brief letter NOTE
Brief snoozes NAPS
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Carryall bag TOTE
Cartoon bear or baseball great Berra YOGI
Christmas season YULE
Complete collection SET
Country bordering Thailand LAOS
Dart around, as a bee FLIT
Event offering bargains SALE
Extreme way to break a habit COLDTURKEY
Eye part IRIS
Furl for storage, as a poster ROLLUP
Furnish meals for FEED
Give off EMIT
Go for a jog RUN
Gravity-powered snow vehicle SLED
Great __ (large dog) DANE
Hair colorings DYES
Highest digits NINES
Historical period ERA
Intense dislike HATRED
Invoice ID: Abbr ACCT
Irritated moods SNITS
Kemo __ (Lone Ranger, to Tonto) SABE
Largest continent ASIA
Learners in classrooms STUDENTS
Lofty TALL
Lose one’s courage CHICKENOUT
Make a selection CHOOSE
Male choral voice BASS
Male choral voice TENOR
Maple or mahogany TREE
Mineral that’s mined ORE
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
New Year’s Eve mo DEC
On the __ (fleeing police) LAM
PC key near the space bar ALT
Performer in a play ACTOR
Person from Stockholm SWEDE
Polite fellow GENT
Profound DEEP
Protestant who’s the M in SMU METHODIST
Racers gliding on snow SKIERS
Right away, in a memo ASAP
Ripen, as fruit AGE
Rollaway beds COTS
Sandpaper coating GRIT
Singer count in a duet TWO
Skin bump caused by fear GOOSEPIMPLE
Strange ODD
Stroll wearily TRUDGE
Suffix for east or west ERN
Summits ACMES
Superhero pal of Robin BATMAN
Take a stroll WALK
Tedious task CHORE
Teheran’s country IRAN
Toppled over FELL
True statement FACT
Turn to mush in a blender PUREE
Two-year-old TOT
Typical high-schooler TEEN
Ways into buildings ENTRANCES
Window ledge SILL
Yale student, informally ELI
__ Dhabi (Mideast land) ABU
__ pole (tribal carving) TOTEM