– Jul 1 2018 Crossword Puzzle Solutions РJul 1 2018 Sunday 

Clues Answers
__ yesterday (gullible) BORN
__Kosh B’gosh (kids’ apparel brand) OSH
__-ray Disc BLU
“Enough” to a texter TMI
“Golden” period AGE
“Honor Thy Father” author TALESE
“Oh no!” YIPE
“Quit fidgeting!” BE STILL
“That’s great!” SUPER
“The View” airer ABC TV
“World Series” game POKER
Abandoned ship HULK
Above to a bard OER
Adorable toddler CUTIE
Air Force hotshots ACES
Airport shuttle vehicle VAN
Ancestry diagram TREE
Arm of the Mediterranean AEGEAN
As well TOO
Astronomer’s reference STARMAP
Backed off EASEUP
Banisters RAILS
Barnyard bird CAPON
Barracks bed COT
Be extraordinary TAKE THE CAKE
Bee’s collection NECTAR
Boardroom graphics PIE CHARTS
Bourbon barrel wood OAK
Brewpub designation IPA
Canvas holder EASEL
Capek sci-fi play RUR
Capital of Minn. ST PAUL
Casting assignments ROLES
Cavern critter BAT
Chill in the air NIP
Clued in AWARE
Common URL ender COM
Competitor of Caterpillar DEERE
Constituting a catalyst CAUSAL
Contingency plan RECOURSE
Cook’s gadget RICER
Core muscles for short ABS
Corporate VIP CEO
Crowds into MOBS
Designer Kamali NORMA
Dinghy implement OAR
Disclose a secret SPILL THE BEANS
Economist Greenspan ALAN
English racetrack town EPSOM
Finds fault CARPS
Full-length as a film UNCUT
Galileo Airport city PISA
Gave the nod to OKED
Gelatin garnishes ASPICS
Gemstone weight CARAT
Genetic “messenger” molecule RNA
German camera LEICA
Get-up-and-go ENERGY
GI offense AWOL
Give permission LET
Had an eye-opening experience AWOKE
Hand warmer GLOVE
Hence ERGO
Hologram producers LASERS
Hot hot hot pepper HABANERO
Hunt for SEEK
In alignment EVEN
Inexperienced people NAIFS
Intelligence informally SMARTS
Intense argument CATFIGHT
Irish actor Stephen REA
Justice O’Connor successor ALITO
Kid lit brute OGRE
Kindergarten handful BRAT
Laugh a little CHUCKLE
League-changing baseballers of 2013 ASTROS
Leavening agent YEAST
Less chummy ICIER
List of party hopefuls SLATE
Little bit of progress DENT
Lops off SEVERS
Lovey-dovey AMOROUS
Lumber source LOG
Makeup purchase ROUGE
Masseuse employer SPA
Miscalculate ERR
Mischievous moppets IMPS
Nautical direction ASTERN
Novelist Zola EMILE
Oath affirmation IDO
Orchestra area PIT
Outburst often blessed ACHOO
Overture follower ACT I
Pac-12 team UCLA
Paper package REAM
Pay-stub figure NET
Persian Gulf land IRAN
Pod in some stews OKRA
Polished off ATE
Politician’s pet projects PORKBARREL
Powerful engine TURBO
Prepare for recycling SORT
Preparing to drive with “up” TEEING
Previously ONCE
Rebellious creative works ANTI ART
Result of some treaties PEACE
Rugged rock CRAG
Russian church topper ONIONDOME
Saudi Arabia neighbor YEMEN
Sharp-wittedness ACUMEN
Sheep sound BAA
Shipped off SENT
Short putts TAPINS
Sign of healing SCAB
Significant other MATE
Source of easy money GRAVY TRAIN
Spread around SHARE
Starting squad ATEAM
Story lines PLOTS
Strong longing YEN
Suffix for spoon or cup FUL
Summer hours in CA PDT
SUV stat MPG
Symbolic warning OMEN
Thin steel fencing CHICKENWIRE
Thus far TO DATE
Tiny amounts IOTAS
Tire pattern TREAD
Title akin to king SHAH
Train track foundation ROADBED
Trickle slowly SEEP
Tube obsessives COUCH POTATOES
Unkind comment SLAP
Unorthodox belief HERESY
Use a straw SUCK
Use the oven BAKE
Video arcade giant SEGA
Walk nervously PACE
Watery Scottish tourist site LOCHNESS
Wee hr. ONEAM
Whittle (down) PARE
Wilma’s toon hubby FRED
Wore down ERODED
Work boot reinforcements TOECAPS
Youthful period SALAD DAYS

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