Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 10 2018

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Clues Answers
”That is to say . . .” IMEAN
Air conditioner measures: Abbr BTUS
Angry MAD
Banish EXILE
Be worthy of EARN
Big smiles GRINS
Boxing venue ARENA
By the __ (incidentally) WAY
Cambodia’s continent ASIA
Captains’ diaries LOGS
Compete at an auction BID
Composer Andrew __ Webber LLOYD
Consider to be DEEM
Covered in soot GRIMY
Cravings YENS
Crock-Pot meals STEWS
Cuts off, as branches LOPS
D.C. summer clock setting EDT
Deep cut GASH
Desert stopover OASIS
Detest ABHOR
Difficult HARD
Distress signal SOS
Double-curve letter ESS
Easing of distress RELIEF
Eden dweller EVE
Enthusiastic AVID
Entrance to some office buildings REVOLVINGDOOR
Exist ARE
Experience again RELIVE
Extremely EVERSO
Feeling tense EDGY
Female choral voice ALTO
Fetching of something RETRIEVAL
First-born of two ELDER
Give employment to HIRE
Goes away LEAVES
Halloween mo OCT
Clues Answers
Have the role of ACTAS
Home for monks ABBEY
Improved, as wine AGED
Irrigate WATER
Isn’t truthful LIES
Jotted down NOTED
Lincoln nickname ABE
Make a sweater KNIT
Mediocre SOSO
Middleton married to Prince William KATE
Mrs. George W. Bush LAURA
Musical about Mrs. PerĂ³n EVITA
New __ (capital of India) DELHI
Not as moist DRIER
Not as much LESS
Paddled in a lake CANOED
PC drive insert CDROM
Performed DID
Popular book of quotations BARTLETTS
Proposal OFFER
Protective knee band BRACE
Salivate excessively DROOL
Sci-fi vehicles: Abbr UFOS
Shine softly GLOW
Ship off SEND
Show to be true PROVE
Simple sort of question YESNO
Solve, as a cryptogram DECODE
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Take it easy RELAX
Theater’s way out on short notice EMERGENCYEXIT
Thin coin DIME
Tool storage building SHED
Top poker card ACE
Unexpected obstacle SNAG
UPS competitor FEDEX
Walk inside ENTER
Washington’s bill ONE
__ says (kids’ game) SIMON