Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 12 2018

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Clues Answers
”I __ idea!” HADNO
’80s First Son RON
A, as in Austria EINE
Academic bestowal PHD
Alert color RED
Be subsequent ENSUE
Begin vigorously ATTACK
Benediction opener OGOD
Big name in conservation history MUIR
Brewer’s product ALE
Caustic cleaner LYE
Celestial bear URSA
Chaplain PADRE
Chestnut horse ROAN
Color TV pioneer RCA
Countrywide, briefly NATL
Cream puff cousin ECLAIR
Develop over time AGE
Do a bad thing SIN
Egg quantities: Abbr CTNS
Electric eye, e.g SENSOR
Email ancestors FAXES
Expression of mirth LAUGH
Flowed copiously GUSHED
Foundation bestowal GRANT
Four-string instrument UKE
Got squared up TRUED
Had a balance of OWED
Have staying power LAST
Hay quantity BALE
Home to 700+ million EUROPE
Ideological quests CRUSADES
Infra- opposite ULTRA
Jet pilot’s pressure GFORCE
Mass departure EXODUS
Material for models BALSA
Mazatlán Mrs SRA
Mulberry source BUSH
Clues Answers
New frat member, often SOPH
Objects strongly to BUCKS
Oceanic predators ORCAS
On the train ABOARD
Orbiter of 1962 GLENN
Origami birds SWANS
Periods with names ERAS
Pollen spreader BEE
Ponder, with ”on” CHEW
Relishes a mystery, say READS
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Self-important SMUG
Shiny paint ENAMEL
Ship’s deck boss BOSUN
Short haircut BOB
Sicilian landmark ETNA
Slightly cracked AJAR
Smartphone images ICONS
Sniffer NOSE
Soldier’s assignment COMBATDUTY
Sooner, affectionately OKIE
Sources of wisdom SAGES
Straight stick of a sort ROD
Straight stick of a sort RULER
Syndicate CARTEL
Takes steps ACTS
This minute ATONCE
Throat soother COUGHDROP
Ticket half STUB
Tiny bits in space COSMICDUST
Turn of a river BEND
Twill fabric CHINO
Uppercut target JAW
Walk in the park and hot dogs, perhaps CHEAPDATE
Water beside a sandbar LAGOON
What King Cole is called OLD
__-ray BLU
__-Roman wrestling GRECO