Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 14 2018

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Clues Answers
”American” bar staple IPA
”Copy” ISEE
”Rats!” ALAS
About 25% of the UN ASIA
Added to a written exchange CCED
Ball hitter PEEN
Became grounded ALIT
Big breakup DISPERSAL
College football broadcaster ESPNU
Contemporary historian/historical novelist CARR
CW star in the 2018 film ”Annihilation” GINARODRIGUEZ
Dental scrapings CALCULI
Digs up? AERIE
√Član VIM
Ersatz soldiers REENACTORS
Establish solidly ENROOT
Existential, in a phrase DETRE
Family first EFF
Fay Wray’s best-remembered role ANN
Fodder for ”Star Wars” cannons IONS
Four-legged boxer’s movement TROT
Getting looked at INCONSIDERATION
Gives up trying PUNTSON
Highly variable ALLOVERTHEMAP
Holds up SLOWS
Letters associated with March DST
Lions’ zebra REF
Little league? ASSN
Medal of Freedom architect LIN
Clues Answers
Minimal AFEW
Name often followed by a number MACH
Name that looks little ETTA
Nashville-based channel CMT
Neighborhood near the West End SOHO
Nightingale, per Shelley POET
Non-kosher subs SCABS
Not giving enough SHORT
Nutty nature ZANINESS
One repelled by orange rinds ANT
Organ with limited circulation ZINE
Part of a trainee’s learning curve, maybe LINGO
Penetrating TRENCHANT
Philosopher analyzed by Aristotle ZENOOFELEA
Piece of a Manila folder? PESO
Political operative FIXER
Potable art medium LATTE
Power outages? DEPOSALS
Program listing EMCEE
Results of inflation BIGHEADS
Shark Navigator Lift-Away, for instance VAC
Slayer of a sort WIT
Sporter of purple rays ASTER
They need resolution ISSUES
Topic of much debate of late GUNLAW
University endower, at times INDUSTRIALIST
Walk all over ROVE
West Bengal, in part, surprisingly EASTINDIA
Wood-shop safety measure CLAMPING
Word processor conveniences TEMPLATES UPI
__ actor METHOD