Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”Shoo!” SCAT
”Take this” HERE
Access the Internet LOGON
Actress Shire of ”Rocky” movies TALIA
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Audibly censored BLEEPED
Bifocals or contacts LENSES
Blacken on a grill SEAR
Bonnie’s partner in crime CLYDE
Bossy bosses TYRANTS
Brings under control TAMES
Calls a halt to STOPS
Canyon’s edge RIM
Center of JetBlue or Lufthansa operations AIRLINEHUB
City south of Fort Worth WACO
Closely monitored hosp. ward ICU
Common mac-and-cheese pastas SHELLS
Controversial grade-school standards COMMONCORE
Corrosive chemical ACID
Cut the lawn MOW
Daisylike flower ASTER
Enjoy immensely SAVOR
Fairy tale villain OGRE
Family room DEN
Filet fish SOLE
Fortune-teller MYSTIC
Fortune-teller SEER
Gaming cube DIE
Gator’s cousin CROC
Gets ready, for short PREPS
Global top or bottom POLE
Heavy, as a fog DENSE
Help oneself to TAKE
High-tech pointers LASERS
His-and-__ HERS
Lake beside Cleveland ERIE
Look bad when worn together CLASH
Made a blunder ERRED
Metaphor for sadness HEAVYHEART
Clues Answers
Natural balm ALOE
Note from the office MEMO
Ointments SALVES
Oven’s countdown accessory TIMER
Pago Pago’s place SAMOA
Part of UCLA LOS
Parts of religious services PRAYERS
PC bailout key ESC
Pie __ mode ALA
Poker pot starter ANTE
Prefix for graph PARA
Protected with cushions PADDED
Read electronically SCAN
Red salad veggie RADISH
Repetitive learning ROTE
Sculpted figure TORSO
Silklike synthetic fiber RAYON
Small scrap SNIPPET
Soft throws LOBS
Sound of an old wood floor CREAK
Sound of contentment AAH
Spanish cheer OLE
Stand by for AWAIT
Stockholm native SWEDE
Stored up SAVED
Stores up AMASSES
Strong assent, in Mexico SISI
Take a cruise SAIL
Take the wheel STEER
The latest events NEWS
Thick slice SLAB
Truant GI AWOL
Uncool one NERD
Where computer servers reside DATACENTER
Wild animal’s home LAIR
Work hard for EARN
Work very hard TOIL
__ a tear (weep) SHED